Get Your 6th-Gen Z/28 Spy Photos and Exclusive Track Times Here


photos by: CamaroNews/KGP Spy Photography

Getting a sneak peak of the sixth generation Z/28 Camaro has been on the top of the to-do list for most gearheads. We thought we spotted it a few months ago in camo, but that turned out the be the new ZL1 (no complaints here though!). It looks like our friends at CamaroNews have actually spotted the beast (or have friends in high places), and it’s big and bad. Also, we may have dug up some performance figures, making it a good day to be a Camaro enthusiast.

So let’s start off with these pictures and what we know about them. There’s a Camaro prototype rolling around with the typical ‘super secret you can’t know what this is’ outfit. It seems like it must be the sixth-gen Z/28 because we’ve already seen the 1LE and ZL1, so outside of some new trim package, it’s got to be it.

This car looks very similar to the wide-body configuration of the ZL1. The close-up shots of the front end show a different front air intake and grille mesh covering the lower grille opening. The side sills seem to be the same as the ZL1, except this prototype has wider tires and a tread pattern that looks like it should be on the track (which is a huge clue).


There’s different rear configurations between the cars spotted. The one spotted on the public roads didn’t have much going on with the deck lid, while the one spotted on the test track had an obvious and very high rear wing. That leads us to wonder if the wing is an option for the Z/28s, or maybe it’s removable? It could mean nothing, they may have just removed it to allow for street visibility since those covers wouldn’t allow for much of that over a massive wing.

The track tested prototype also appeared to have the prior generation’s wheels, while the street tested had some new shoes. These new wheels look to be open spoke, five-point wheels, but they were too heavily covered to tell.

Now on to the fun stuff, The YellowBullet’s Monty Mikho seems to already know what the 2017 Z/28 will run in the 1/4-mile. He shared on his forum that the car ran an 11.84 at 117 mph on the first pass, and then a 11.29 at 122 mph on the day’s final pass. This was posted two days before the spy photos were released and Monty Mikho is no ordinary forum poster, so we tend to believe the info. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, what do you think?

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