GBodyParts Offering Custom Engraved EGR Block-Off Plates for Turbo Trans Am and Turbo Buick

It’s been over 30 years since the final LC2-powered vehicle rolled off of the assembly line, be it the Turbo Trans Am or Turbo Regal, but enthusiasts are clamoring for speed and go-fast parts for them more than ever. Perhaps it’s nostalgia, perhaps it’s reinvigorated interest from a new generation, or a bit of both, but either way, some of our best friends in the industry are doing what they can to fulfill the needs of Turbo Buick owners everywhere.

Very recently, GBodyParts have stepped up to the plate to offer owners of the ’89 Turbo Trans Am (TTA) a dress-up solution to your car’s EGR block-off needs.

Official Release:

EGR Block-Off Plates for 1989 Turbo Trans Am With Turbo Trans Am Logo

These high-quality, polished aluminum EGR block off plates, when used in conjunction with a gasket, will allow you to hold back EGR gasses on intakes that have not been filled.  We offer the copper EGR gaskets as well. Available as a direct-fit, bolt-on for the ’89 Turbo Trans Am with the LC2 Turbo V6.

We can add your vehicle’s production number to this EGR block off plate for an additional $5.00. It takes a few days, and will ship from the manufacturer. If you want this done, please put in the on line order check out notes — you will need your TTA’s production number in order to add it to the top of the EGR plate.

The recommended copper gasket can be found HERE.

You can also order these for your ’86-87 Buick Regal T, Grand National, or GNX, with the Grand National logo, Turbo 6 logo, or T logo engraved on the plate.


  • Made from high-quality aluminum
  • Available with custom engraving for our particular car
  • Offers additional uniqueness to your engine bay
  • Allow you to hold back EGR gasses on intakes that have not been filled
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