American Racing Headers C6 Z06 Big-Tubes and H-Pipe

Despite the immense popularity of the new C7 and C7 Z06 Corvette, our friends in the aftermarket continue to release new product for older, out of production examples. It makes sense, as the new models replace the old, enthusiast tend to gravitate to the earlier cars as resale value tends to plummet – allowing for a larger mod budget. American Racing Headers (ARH) sees a market for high-performance exhaust components for C6s, as more of them enter the secondhand market.

As a result, they’ve recently released these new “Big-Tube” C6 Z06 Headers and H-Pipe. Designed for blown and nitrous equipped cars pushing big dyno numbers, these will provide all of the exhaust flow you’ll ever need in a street-driven vehicle! C7 header applications are available as well.

Z06 Step Header

Official Release:

American Racing Headers Big-Tube C6 Z06 Headers and H-Pipe

ARH Big Tube C6 ZO6 headers with H-pipe are now available for high horsepower Supercharged, Nitrous or N/A combinations producing 900 to 1500 RWHP. The system is designed for standard deck height engines.  Built to handle whatever you can throw at it, this is the last system your high powered C6 ZO6 will ever need. Call us to discuss your needs and what this system can do for you.


  • 2” X 2-1/8” primaries with 3-1/2” merge collectors with V-Bands
  • 3-1/2” H-pipe with V-Bands (Pictured)
  • Optional extended H-Pipe with reduction to adapt 3” Connection Pipes to rear axle (Direct Bolt-In Kit)
  • Fully Tig Welded Construction using all USA manufactured 304 S/S
  • Great Fit and Easy Installation
  • Will fit standard C6 with mild modifications

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