American Powertrain Releases Reverse Lock Out Module for Magnum and T-56


Having a 6-speed transmission is benefit in both fuel economy and fun, but there is some danger involved. The position of reverse on the shifter is stacked a little too close for comfort, and while originally equipped cars have a safety feature (lock out) to keep you from accidentally shifting into reverse, swapped cars don’t. American Powertrain has a safe and easy solution for cars with Magnum or T-56 swapped 6-speed cars.

This new safety lock out prevents accidental shifting into reverse in the same fashion as the stock lock out system. The module is the most simple and elegant way to hookup your reverse lock-out solenoid pigtail. Learn more about it in the official release below.

Official Release:

Reverse lock out control module for Magnum or T56 6-speed

Having six gears is a joy. But stacking all those gears in a transmission case means sometimes there are compromises. Fifth gear and Reverse on T-56 and Magnum transmissions are really close. It’s important to use a safety lockout to avoid accidentally shifting into reverse on the freeway!

Historically, this lockout is achieved by intercepting the brake light wire, telling the solenoid you are stepping on the brake and energizing the lockout to open the gate. The problem is that sometimes you step on your brake at speed and could easily put your car into reverse on the road.

This module eliminates that problem by using the VSS speed sensor in the transmission to tell the solenoid you are at zero mph. and can therefore safely put your car into reverse. It easily wires to Magnum or T56 6-Speed to unlock reverse when the car is not moving. The most elegant and simple way to hook up your reverse lockout solenoid includes module, solenoid pigtail and full instructions.

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  • Prevents accidental shifting into reverse
  • Allows you to safely go into reverse
  • Safest way to use your reverse lockout

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