6th-Gen Camaro Quarter Panel Tooling Die Leaked!

6thgenquarterLast week we brought you the story of the 6th-Gen Camaro headlight being leaked on eBay. Many cynics simply decried that it was nothing more than a European version of the current headlight, although the European-spec Camaros look exactly like ours. It was clearly a case of a shipment of 2016 headlights getting shipped to the wrong place.

Now, thanks to some eagle-eyed viewers at CamaroNews.com and Camaro6.com, an apparent GM employee at the Lansing, MI. General Motors assembly plant snapped a shot of the supposed 2016 Camaro driver’s side quarter panel die.

While we won’t share the person’s name or their job title, at least we get a closer peek of the upcoming Camaro’s body panels.

Granted, we’ve already had an idea of what it looked like prior to this, thanks to all of the spy photography shots we’ve seen over the last several months. But we do appreciate this glimpse of the future.

Looking it over, it doesn’t appear to be a huge departure from the 5th-gens’s quarter, although it is a completely different component altogether. From what we understand and what we can tell, nothing will be carried over from the 5th-gen Camaro apart from the name.

Twenty-sixteen will bring an all-new body, new interior, new chassis (Alpha), a new powertrain (bye-bye LS3, hello LT1) less weight, more power and obviously, a completely revised wheel/tire/brake/suspension package.6thgenquarter2

The time is quickly approaching to where we can see the fresh Camaro in its completely revised state, and we can’t wait to see a faster, more powerful and more nimble Camaro for 2016. We just hope that nobody gets fired between now and then.

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