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From their inception, trucks have always been popular for one reason or another. With needs in rural areas met with their help in the early days, to the mall crawlers of today, trucks are probably the most adaptable and customizable vehicles on the market. One of the most commonly updated aspects are the wheels they ride on.

After all, nothing is more boring than seeing a beautiful truck riding on stockers. Of course that can be remedied, but more often than not, we see trucks that have a set of rollers that simply don’t work well with the truck’s aesthetics, be it based on their size, style or even tire profile. Which is probably why, in recent weeks, our friends at AmericanTrucks put together a wheel/tire guide for late-model Silverados and Sierras.

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Everything You Need to Know About Chevy Silverado Wheels — AmericanTrucks Tech Guides

Wheels are one ofthe most important moving parts on a truck; responsible for carrying thousands of pounds of weight, withstanding road and trail forces, while keeping your tires secured and pressurized for safe travels.

Truck wheels, while simple in terms of construction and purpose, handle many vitaltasks while keeping your truck looking gooddoing it!The second and third generation of Chevrolet’s Silverado arenotorious for “squarish” wheel arches, making fitting larger wheels and tires more of a task than first and current Silverado generations.

Since Silverado wheelsare a robust topic, the writers at AmericanTrucks (AT) have compiled their definitive guide to Silverado wheels and everything Silverado owners should know when upgrading their truck’s rims. Explaining their style and purpose, AT’s Silverado Wheel tech guide provides detailed information on the popular styles of Silverado wheels, finish comparisons, and details on

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