VIDEOS: Chevrolet Drops 23-Video Bundle on YouTube Seconds After Car is Unveiled

It’s been nearly five days since the C8 Corvette had premiered to the entire world, and still, it seems that online discussions have yet to waiver. just about eveywhwerew you turn, even on Mustang sites, the C8 has seemingly taken over — essentially, “breaking the internet” better than Kimm Kardashian could ever hope to.

While we tuned in to the live stream like the rest of you, the team at Chevrolet dropped not one, not two, but 23 separate videos focusing on each of the key points of what makes the C8 Corvette special. Apart form the obvious midd-engine layout and entirely new body, thee’s tons of new tech featured in the latest Corvette.

To help make it easier, we’ll be going through them one at a time!


1.) History

you can’t look to the future of Corvette, without first, looking to its past. Chevrolet does a great job of that, here.

2.) Mid-Engine Transformation

The Corvette has flirted with a mid-engine layout since the early 1960s. Understanding and knowing this, is what today’s enthusiasts have to keep in mind when it comes to the C8. We also have to face up and realize that the car got to the point that it was just too powerful to continue to be a rear drive, front engine vehicle.

3.) Z51 Performance Package

Going back a few generations now, the Z51 performance option package is the perfect step up from a standard Corvette, to a Z06. Bringing an upgraded exhaust, larger brakes, upgraded aero, an electronic limited slip differential and other serious performance upgrades take the Corvette to the next level.

4.) Dual-Clutch Transmission (Part 1)

A DCT; what is it, how does it work and why does the new Corvette have one? Watch the video to find out.

5.) Dual-Clutch Transmission (Part 2)

Want to know more about the aforementioned DCT? We got you covered!

6.) Electronic Shifter

What, no gear stick?? Nope! not in the C8…. and we dig it!

7.) Removable Roof Panel

The Corvette has had a removable roof since the C1, a T-top arrangement for C3, and a targa roof from every generation since the C4. The C8 is no different in following this tradition.

8.) Dual Trunk

Let’s face it, we really don’t by Corvettes for their trunk space, but it’s always good to have a little more extra storage space, right? With the C8’s new mid-engine layout, additional storage room is the name of the game!

9.) Front Lift

Oh, yes! This is something from our sci-fi dreams; an adjustable front end lift for those speed bumps and high driveways on your area. It’s also based on GPS, and will store up to 1,000 locations for the sake of ease! After you hit that 1,000 save barrier, you can always lift it up with the touch of a button whenever you’re traveling abroad or in a new area to your Corvette.

10.) Z-Mode

New for 2020 is Z-Mode! The capability to adjust the car’s drivability and mannerisms with a touch of the screen! It’s fully-customizable and able to adjust to the different environments and occasions.


11.) Driver-Centric Cockpit

It’s all about the driver in the C8, as it should be.


12.) Color and Trim

More colors, more interior options — it’s what the buyers of COrfvetes have demanded for generations. It’s the most customizable Corvette from the factory, ever!


13.) Three Seat Options

One one or two, but three options for seating. Whether you want somethign more track-focused and purposeful, or you want a little more comfort, Corvette has you covered.


14.) Engine and Dry-Sump Oil

Ahh, yes, our favorite part. The all-new LT2 engine is a 495hp powerhouse, with 500hp on tap if you spec the Z51 Package. A dry-sump ooiling system, first seen on the C6 Z06, is standard fair for C8. With a 40-45hp boost in power over the old LT1, perforce will certainly be overall improved.


15.) Aero, Cooling and Downforce

Chevrolet really didn’t into aero on the Corvette until the C6 Z06 and ZR1. They implement much more of it into the design  of the C7, and really ramped it up for C8.


16.) eLSD

An electric limited-slip differential. It’s finally here! Find out more about how it works in Corvette and what they will mean in terms of the driving experience of this car.


17.) Hidden Door and Hatch Releases

This is about as James Bond as you get. None of the handles, switches or hood latches are visible from the outset of the car, a trend that started with the C6 somewhat, evolved slightly in C7 but is taken to a whole new level with C8.


18.) Magnetic Ride Control

We’re all pretty much familiar with Mag-Ride, but find out what it means for C8.


19.) Key Fob Capabilities

A key fob… they’ve been around since the ’90s. Big deal, right? In the case of the C8? You might want to think again!


20.) Track Testing

Taking the modern Corvette to levels of the European supercar means track testing. A lot of it. Like, thousands and thousands of hours of track testing. Corvette isn’t playing anymore, but when has it ever?


21.) Driver Mode Selector and MyMode

Expanding on Z-Mode, MyMode makes things a little more interesting…


22.) What is PDR?

PDR first showed up in C7, but Chevrolet has updated the software, technology and capabilities of PDR for C8. Valet parkers, beware!

23.) Corvette Stands Alone

You really didn’t think the C8 was the first mid-engine Vette ever, did you? Well it hasn’t, and although a few concepts from the past were depicted in this video, there were actually a few examples missing. That’s OK, because the wait was (apparently) well worth it

We hope you enjoyed these clips, as they lend a little more insight than what’s already been said and written about them already. So when are you ordering yours?

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