VIDEO: LT1 Camaro NEARLY Cracks the 7-Second Barrier!

The LT1 Camaro (and Firebird) rarely get any respect these days anymore. Now, we’re not taking about the 455hp  6th-gen of today, we’re speaking on the ’90s pony car that enthusiasts love to throw stones at for the last 20 years.

With less than 300hp from an iron block, aluminum heads and a cast aluminum intake manifold engine, by modern standards, it’s a relic from a bygone era. However, that’s not keeping many gear heads like our friends over at Tick Performance from turning up the wick on them.

Working with a ’97 Z28, a former customer’s car, the now Precision 88/91 turbocharged GEN-II engine is backed with a T-56 transmission, and a G-Force gearset, including a whole host of other mods found throughout the car. The Camaro has been put on a diet as well, only keeping what’s needed to safely get the car down the track.

The current engine utilizes a Scat crankshaft, Compstar rods, DSS pistons and several other goodies that help generate 1300rwhp. The team at Tick Performance aren’t done yet, not by a long shot, as they’re currently working on a fresh power plant for the car that we’ll probably see at the start of next season.

Until then, watch this car rocket down the quarter in the clip above!

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