VIDEO: LS-Powered Chevy C10 Slays Tires During Smokey Burnout

truckburnoutWe can all agree that the best way to trash an old set of rubber is to light ’em up and let ’em loose on the asphalt. We bring you another AGearHead4Life video with his blue 5.3L LS-powered Chevy C10 pickup where he shows us how to properly dispose of an old pair of tires. In this case, the burnout is filmed by a friend as well as a GoPro mounted to the side of the truck. This C10 lays it down hard and disappears behind a billowy cloud of smoke for a few minutes leaving burning bits of rubber smoking for a few minutes along a nice trail of thick melted rubber.

Recently we showed you the installation video from AG4L of an Eaton Detroit Posi/Limited-slip differential getting installed in this same truck for some much better handling and traction. In that video, we didn’t get to see a whole lot of the truck that was getting the goodies, but now we have the full view of this sweet-looking C10 with a bit of power under the hood. Besides the posi/limited-slip diff and the LS 5.3L V8, it also sports a 4L80E stock converter and 3.42 gears out of a ’94 Chevy.

While this ridiculously awesome and smokey burnout seems to be done in a driveway within a residential neighborhood, trying this at home may result in your neighbors either loving or hating you, guaranteed hate if they drive any sort of hybrid. Hopefully your neighbors are also car enthusiasts that can appreciate the smell of burnt rubber and a rubber-made cloud floating through the ‘hood.

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