VIDEO: Jay Leno Hops Behind the Wheel of the First Ever Automatic Z06

Even if you’re the most famous car guy that there is, you’re still not immune to getting pulled over by the police as we see from this video featuring Jay Leno. As it turns out, the cops don’t discriminate when you’re hot shoeing in a 650 hp super car – no matter who you are!

After the little mishap is out of the way, Jay gets the chance to talk to us about the latest toy that he’s gotten to play with, the C7 Chevrolet Corvette Z06. Best of all, the car is a drop top and backed by an automatic, which is a first for the Z06. The coupe, of course comes with a removable top, which is also a first.

The specialness of this car continues when we learn that it features the Z07 package meaning that it has beefed up tires, brakes, and additional aerodynamic down force components. In fact, according to the gentleman speaking on behalf of Corvette, this car has the most aerodynamic down force of any production car ever put in the wind tunnel!

LENOC7Z-1The fun continues when Leno takes the 376 supercharged cubic inches on the road and lays into it a little bit. It’s at this point that he can really stretch out the legs on the 650 ponies under the hood and feel the rigidity of the aluminum frame and light weight construction of the carbon fiber components.

If you want to get into one of these cars, the base price is about $80k – or $100k to get your hands on the one that Leno is behind the wheel of. That isn’t too bad in the scheme of things, when you look at other exotics that offer a similar package at two to three times the cost –  sometimes more!

Check out the video above and listen in to what Jay and the Corvette spokesman have to say about this ride. You might just be impressed with the new Z06.


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