Video: Hennessy’s Nitrous-Injected 751HP Camaro SS Soars Past 200 MPH!

The first 6th-gen Camaro (on record at least) has crossed the 200-mile per hour threshold, without any turbos or a blower! Making 44 more horsepower than the blown Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, the Hennessey Camaro is a monster on wheels!

To get it to run over 200 miles per hour, the team put together a laundry list of modifications to really get this Camaro SS moving. Hennessey added new CNC-ported cylinder heads, a beefier camshaft, valvetrain mods, and gave it full exhaust work. The car went from the stock 455 horsepower to 605 horsepower with these upgrades.

In order to really boost it to the high-speed threshold, they threw on a 150-shot nitrous kit to bring the engine to 751 horsepower at the crank, and 649 RWHP. Then it came time to throw this monster on a track big enough to safely hit the 200 mph range. The team took the 6th-gen speed-1Camaro SS to Continental Tire Proving Grounds in Uvalde, Texas. With driver Brian Smith behind the wheel, and a Racelogic GPS to monitor the speed, it was time to put the Camaro to the test!

Not only did the 751 horsepower LT1 Camaro break 200 mph, it pushed just a few steps further to hit 202.1 mph. So now 202 miles per hour is the speed to beat! Are there any challengers out there ready to raise it above 202 mph? Right now, probably not.

It wasn’t too long ago when 150 mph was a huge number to hit in a Camaro. One can’t help but to wonder where the new standard of fast will keep heading. Soon, we’ll have to lineup with airplanes to make things interesting (maybe not in my lifetime, but can’t you see it happening?). With more and more muscle cars crossing higher and higher thresholds without even the use of blowers, it’s a great time to be a gearhead!camaro-1

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