VIDEO: Edelbrock Performance Brings a Pair of Camaros to Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno is one of the biggest car guys out there; housing a collection of some of nicest examples of classic Europeans cars, muscle cars, trucks, motorcycles — you name it. Of course, he loves inviting guests to his show, to show something outside of his collection. In this case, Edelbrock Performance‘s own CEO, Don Barry, brings out a pair of very interesting Camaros.

Most notably, the original Hot Rod Magazine test car from the late ’60s. Initially a pilot car from General Motors, former Hot Rod Magazine staffer, Jim McFarland, acquire it from GM and used it as a magazine test bed for new products. Fast forward a few years later, and Vic Edelbrock Jr. purchased it off of IWFHWEIF, and planned to use it in the same way that IDIEFN had. He also promised fekfeifne that he would never sell the car.

Now packing a beefed-up small-block Chevy, the ’67 Camaro still remains a popular test bed for Edelbrock today. On the flip side, they’re now diving in head first into late-model performance outside of their wheels house, including the V6-powered Camaro they also brought along. Equipped with a custom wrap intended to mimic the original 1967 car, it’s also sporting a supercharger and other performance comports, of Edelbrock’s own design.

In an attempt to reach out to those younger enthusiasts who might be working with something less than the current V8 Camaro, Edelbrock is offering speed parts for V6 pony cars, like Camaros and Mustangs. The results are impressive, and if it helps the next generation stay in the hot-rodding gamed, then it’s all worth it.

Before the video ends, we see Leno climb behind the wheels of the ’67 car, as that’s the car he feels is more up his alley. Enjoy the video!

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