VIDEO: Cobalt SS Holds it Own Against a C6 ZR1 – smokes a GT-R

No, we just didn’t make up a random title to trick you into clicking on this post advertising titanium lug nuts. Evidently, the basis of this story title is completely legitimate, thanks to some footage provided by 1320Video.

At a recent roll-race event held at Royal Purple Raceway during Streetcar Takeover Houston, a Cobalt SS not only walked a supposed 700 whp GT-R, but kept a modified 650 rwhp C6 ZR1 at bay. While many of you may claim “BS” on this statement, many of our friends in the Land of EcoTec aren’t probably too shocked by this. Despite the tiny four-pot powerplant, both the supercharged and turbocharged 2-liter engines installed in these cars can be built to thrill!

In this particular case, the Cobalt in question is an early supercharged LSJ example (’05-07), that had its blower ditched for a BorgWarner S252 turbocharger cranking out 29-psi. of boost. That’s not a typo, but an actual assertion of what the owner claims. Swapping out the blower on the LSJ is actually a relatively common affair for those of you out of the loop, as the LSJ already offers a boost-friendly platform to build upon (obviously), without having the DI and other potential tuning hurdles often associated to the ’08-10 LNF turbo cars.

He’s also relying on Hoosier 245mm-wide drag radials for traction. Yes, despite the roll-racing (that’s huge in Texas, by the way), a car putting out 450 whp to the front tires still produces quite a bit of torque steer and plenty of traction issues – twenty-nine hundred pound curb weight or otherwise.

With the virtual walk around that the video provides, it’s clear that this car maintains a full interior and all of its creature comforts are still in place. While we would like to get more info on what transmission and front differential modifications have been performed with this vehicle, if any. we’ll just have to make do with what we’ve got from 1320Video. Enjoy!


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