VIDEO: C7 Z06 vs Viper TA – Dyno Shootout!

With the release of the latest and greatest version of the Corvette Z06, we’ve been dying to see how Chevrolet’s flagship sports car stands up to the hype. What better way to start off technical comparisons than with a little dyno showdown featuring the Dodge Viper and aforementioned Z?

Remember the infamous Viper TA vs C7 Z06 street racing video? Those two cars square off once again in this latest video provided by Nine Ball Garage. In this one, we see the bone stock 2015 C7 Z06 and also stock 2015 Viper TA battle head-to-head on KP Racing‘s loaded-based, in-house Mustang Dyno. All of the final numbers were corrected with the SAE correction factor.

To make things fair, both cars did one warmup run to get to operating temperatures in an effort to simulate real world driving conditions. They were then given four back-to-back dyno pulls with a minute of idle time in between in order to see how bad each ride was affected by heat soak.

How did this supercar duo stand up to the test? When all was said and done, the supercharged Z06 had the slight advantage when it came to best pull, making 563rwhp on the second pull and the Viper, which has been known to respond well to heat made the most power on its third pull, clocking in at 540hp to the rear tires.

Those numbers are fine and dandy, but prior knowledge tells us that the supercharged application in the Z06 would call for a rather large drop off in power numbers. In this situation, we only see negligible losses as the car dropped at most 4whp on its worst operating temperature pull when compared to the best. In fact, the supercharger housing only gained one degree while the pre and post blower intake air temps both decreased across all four pulls. The only parameter where the Z06 failed to stand up to the Viper was in coolant temperature, where it rose 19 degrees in comparison to the Viper’s one. Both of the above respectable numbers, but could cause issues during prolonged use.

Overall, the cars are highly comparable, making right in the ballpark of a 15-20whp difference at operating temperature. In all honesty, even though we’re a GM based magazine, we would have absolutely no objection to getting behind the wheel of either of these beasts.


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