VIDEO: AMP’s ZR5 Package Rockets to 8.57 at 160mph!

The ZR1 had always been down as the “King of the Hill,” at least since the modern era, where the DOHC C4 example dominated the streets. Those of us who were around in those days never thought we’d see another Corvette like it on the road, directly from Chevrolet, anyway. We ultimately ended up with the several higher-performing Corvettes as the years went on, ultimately ending up where we are today with the C7 ZR1.

Packing 755hp right out of the box, providing corner carving handling and lighting quick acceleration, it can’t possibly get much better… can it? Oh, it can. With the help of Advanced Modern Performance, you can transform your modest 755hp (at the flywheel) daily driver, to a world-class dragstrip terror that’s good for mid-8s in the 1320.’ AMP calls it the ZR5.

We depicted the results of the hardware needed to make this happen above, but if you want a complete list of all of the components, as well as a package price, scroll down or simply click HERE.


C7 ZR1 8 Second Car — $29,500

  • AMP 5 inch Intake System for a C7 ZR1
  • 103mm Billet Throttle Body
  • CNC Port LT5 Blower
  • Griptec 2.7 Upper Super Charger Pulley
  • Innovators West 9% Overdrive Harmonic Balancer
  • AMP Billet Thermostat Housing with 160 degree Thermostat
  • Custom Cam for LT5 with a 38% OD DI Fuel Lobe
  • Hardened Pushrods
  • Johnson Tie Bar short travel Race Lifters
  • LT5 Head Gaskets
  • ARP Head Studs
  • AMP VVT Lockout
  • DI pump lash cap
  • AMP CNC Ported LT5 Cylinder Heads. Manley HD Stainless Exhaust Valves BTR 660 lift Springs, and Titanium Retainers. Tear down and wash casting CNC valve job Hand Blend Final clean, make ready and assembly
  • Kooks 2 inch Headers with Off-Road Connection Pipes
  • DSX AUX low side Fuel Pump Kit
  • ID1050X Fuel Injectors
  • Alky Control Dual Nozzle Methanol Injection System with Stainless Steel Line Upgrade
  • AMP Trunk Mount water Box for C7 with a High Output EMP Pump, 8 Inch Lid, and 1 inch Silicone Hose
  • Dexcool coolant
  • AMSOIL Dominator 10/30
  • AMSOIL Filter
  • NGK 6510 Spark Plugs
  • Professional Assembly & Installation
  • Calibration of Engine Control Module, Transmission Control Module, and Fuel Injector Control Module
  • Chassis DYNO Testing before and after

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