VIDEO: Abandoned LG Motorsports Camaro Found!

It’s not every day where we see a throwback race car unearthed somewhere. Well, these days, it is, but how often is it that it’s a late-Malaise era third-get Camaro, formerly built and owned by one of the biggest names around?

That’s right, this former LG Motorsports ’91 Camaro Z28 1LE was discovered by YouTuber, Tavarish, stumbled upon this car while moving into his shop. Then owned by a repair shop across the street, he walked over and offered the owner $1500. Apparently, the owner chuckled and said he would have taken $500 — wow!

Your author remembers this car making its way around the road courses back in ’91-92, and was depicted in a lot of LG’s advertising materials for most of the ’90s and early 2000s as well. Of course, the backstory is, the car was extremely competitive in ’91 and ’92, but thanks to several SCCA safety rules for 1993, the car would’t meet the criteria to legally race. And thus, it was essentially retired and used as a training car for a race track or two for several years, before finding its way worn, tired, beaten and neglected in a parking lot.


The fact that Tarvish was able to find this automotive piece of history is astounding. Better still, he and his cohort managed to get the car cleaned up, running, driving and back on the road course before the video concludes. Ultimately, he goes on to sell it to another person who plans on racing it, as it should be.

We hope to see the car again, hopefully next season, on an autocross or road course near us!

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