Video: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Modern Trans Am and GTO

The conceptualized modern Trans Ams are much more than Camaros with bodykits. Inside the facility where the modern Trans Ams (and GTOs) are made, Trans Am Worldwide is doing automotive magic tricks to keep the nameplate alive.

Every body part that can be removed, minus the doors, is taken off when a car enters the shop. Over 350 parts are replaced by Trans Am Worldwide on each car. Replacement components are created by their extremely talented design and engineering team.

Over six weeks, it goes on to move through nine different workstations. Continuous collaboration and development is key in each build — the mission is to give each customer the ultimate Trans Am experience.

Changed out are the fenders, hood, front fascia, headlights, taillights, tires, wheels, grilles, headliner, seats, door panels, console, inserts, gauges, and the list goes on! These are just the changes you can see. Suspension enhancements, brake upgrades, and more are part of the performance packages offered.

Stripped Down Camaro

A stripped down Camaro is ready to be reborn as a Trans Am

There are four performance packages that appear on the modern Trans Am — ranging from mild to wild. The most popular being the 840 Extreme Package, which includes a supercharged 454 LSX engine. This engine is modified to handle a lot of boost, and reaches over 840 horsepower when it’s all said and done.

The cars get their T-tops by the use of a machine the shop refers to as a ‘dragon slayer’. This gnarly looking machine allows them to be the only shop in the country doing professional grade t-tops.

It varies by model, but these cars get up to six different wiring harnesses, resistors, oscillating halo lights, and hideaway headlights. Once the electrical enhancements are complete, the cars move on to paint. The Trans Ams and GTOs are treated to the most advanced paint job possible using the top techniques and tools.

Each performance package-clad Trans Am model moves to their sister facility for custom dyno-tuning and calibration. This process is vital in maximizing power and optimizing performance. After hours at the reassembly station, the cars finally get to flex their muscles during the road test. The famous Hurst edition was so popular that it’s completely sold out. They are now offering 77 (amount) Bandit editions, a favorite package of yours truly.

Next time you look at a modern Trans Am and think it’s ‘just’ a Camaro underneath, stop that thought. These cars are built essentially the same way GM built them pre-2002. Sure, they share the same chassis, but the Trans Am continues to own its unique nameplate.Modern Trans Am

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