PCM of NC Gives an LT1 Camaro a Mechanical Makeover!



RobbieĀ WyattĀ dropped off his unmolested, pristine 1997 LT1-equipped Camaro SS for a total overhaul with PCM of NC. It’s not everyday you come across a ’97 LT1 Camaro with just 9,000 on the clock. This low mileageĀ beauty just sat in the garage with a bad fuel pump. With no time to work on it, theĀ smart decision was made to bring it in to the shop to give it a much-deserving makeoverĀ inside and out.

According to PCM of NC’s Facebook page, here is the complete build with all photos documenting the process from start to finish.Ā Check out the before photo of this bad boy before PCM of NC dove head first into the project.

Here is a photo of the engine bay before tear down began. This stock LT1 has a bum fuel pump and just 9,000 miles – which means it’s time to prep the car for major heart surgery. To make sure the factory paint stays pristine and doesn’t get scratched during the process, it is wrapped before the motor is completely removed.

Factory LT1.

Factory LT1.


Ready to pull the engine out.

Ready to pull the engine out.


To make removing the drivetrain much easier, the car is put on the lift so the engine and transmission can be pulled out from the bottom of the car. This way, the engine transmission and K-member/engine cradle can all be lowered at once.

Although it is very possible to pull the drivetrain out from the top of the hood of a fourth-gen (and we’ve done it ourselves), it’s less stressful on the mind, body and soul to do it like this.


The old LT1 is pulled.

Stock LT1 pulled out of the '97 F-body.

Stock LT1 pulled out of the ’97 F-body.

Empty engine bay.

Empty engine bay.

Everything is pulledĀ and the engine bay sits completely empty waiting for its transplant. Not only is the engine getting an upgrade, but the suspension is receiving a much needed update. TheĀ 17 year old springs and shocks are being replaced with BMR lowering springs and Bilstein shocks. Check out the new versus old below.

Old versus new suspension.

Old versus new suspension.


Out with the old and in with the new. The rear suspension is looking mighty fine with new BMR and Bilstein components.


The old 1997 factory wiring is being reworked to accept the LS1 computer.



How pretty is this new freshly-ported intake manifold by Advanced Induction – Cylinder Head Development?



Check out these Trick Flow heads by Advanced Induction – Cylinder Head Development!


Like PCM of NC said, it’s too pretty to put on an engine! Now that’s a sight to behold.


Brian Tooley Racing valvesprings are finishing off the head package.



The factory shortblock is now prepped and ready.

1997-chevy-camaro-factory-shortblock-prepped-21997-chevy-camaro-factory-shortblock-preppedHeads mounted.


It was time to add a bit ofĀ color with this awesome powdercoating job performed by H.M. Elliott, Inc. Coatings.


Next up, mounting the coils!


Getting even closer.


AĀ Meziere electric water pump has been mounted as well as a custom cam by Alvin.

1997-chevy-camaro-meziere-electric-water-pump-custom-cam-mountedAll new fuel lines have been added.

1997-chevy-camaro-new-fuel-linesRacetronix fuel system now added.


Ā A work in progress but making headway.
The customer brought in new wheels to polish off the look on his F-body.
Rear calipers have been rebuilt and powdercoating for better stopping power.
Not only that, but C5 Corvette calipers were installed on the front for improved braking.


Also added to the setup was a Holley 58mm throttle body, topped with aĀ custom CNC’d throttle body plate by Farrell Creations & Restorations, LLC.


PCM of NC also installed a Moroso cold air intake, Kooks headers and exhaust complete with Y-pipe.


Also added a QTP cutout.


Check out the brand new look of this sweet F-body.


A Hurst shifter was added for improved shifting power.


Check out the finished product! Now that’s a beautiful sight if we’ve ever seen one.


To keep the look clean, the fuel lines have been relocated.


Not only that, but the body wiring harness has also been relocated.


With an in-house dyno, the car was tested and here are the results.Ā There wasn’t a baseline since the car wasn’t running when it was dropped off, but the car does have some nice power with 422 horsepower and 373 max torque!


As Robbie mentioned on PCM of NC’s Facebook page, “I would like to thank everyone at PCM of NC involved in making my ā€œmid-life crisisā€ dream come true. The finished product has exceeded all my expectations and she is a whole different animal who can be a little hard to control from time to time. I guess our next project will be to solve the sudden ā€œTraction Lossā€ issue I now have. Thanks again for everything!”Ā 

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