Mild to Wild: A Story of a Woman and her C7 Corvette

We all remember the video of the seemingly “ungrateful girlfriend” who received a C7 Corvette from her boyfriend a year or so ago. If you don’t remember her, then we invite you to check out the video here. The Corvette was in stock form at the time and maybe you’re wondering how far it has come since then, but first we want to clear something up.

We’ve been lucky enough to befriend the crew at Triple-X Motorsports and Outdoors, which the Corvette owner, Pattie Saiz, is an integral part of and we assure you that she is in fact far from ungrateful for her then newly acquired ride! We’ve been keeping an eye out as Pattie and her fiancé, Chris Carroll, have been building this beautiful stealth missile and it’s been one interesting experience that we’d like to share with you today.

So you probably find yourself asking why we’re revisiting this video since it was over a year ago that the car was delivered. To make a long story short, the car has undergone some modifications we guarantee to drop your jaw. This may be one of the cleanest C7 Corvettes that we’ve seen to date. Take a stroll with us as we outline every step as the car transitioned from a modest build to an insane powerhouse.

What is a better place to start than under the hood and from square one? We flash back to April of this year when the car was originally sent out to Vengeance Racing. The first modifications made decent power from an East Coast Superchargers LT1 Stingray supercharger 8-rib system revolving around a Vortech V3 Si head unit, the focal point of the build. Throw in some supporting mods, a B&B exhaust and 1-7/8” American Racing long-tubes with a custom DOD delete camshaft and we’re looking at a cool 768rwhp on a combination of 93 octane and meth injection.

As you can see, this isn’t your average appearing C7 either. Some staggered 360 Forged alloy Mesh 8 Wheels wrapped in Toyo 888R tires provide for a lightweight wheel and tire combination that we hear does a pretty good job of conjoining tire and pavement. An MGW shifter with billet base has also improved the “fun to drive” factor.blownc7sr-1

A second trip would introduce a dual nozzle upgrade to the methanol injection system, a pulley swap, and a Monster SC-series twin disc clutch and flywheel. These simple modifications tacked on an additional 31 hp on 11-psi. and 65 hp when bumping the boost to 14-psi., not bad for such minor tweaks. The overall result was an astonishing 833 hp to the tire!

As of today, the Triple-X C7 is once again under the knife. This time things will become a bit more serious when the engine is punched out to a 416 stroker, complete with some goodies to strengthen up the bottom end. A coil relocation will be the icing on the cake as the owners of the car say that’s all she wrote!

Just to give you an idea of what the finished product will look like, other cars out of Vengeance have made close to 900hp on a similar setup. Even though Chris and Pattie say that they’re done with the build, we get the feeling that the mod bug will bite again and we will see this car making four digits of horsepower at the tire before we know it!


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