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Recently, GM EFI had a chance to get an insider’s look at one of our sponsors, a company that’s also at the top of the LS wiring harness field, BP Automotive. Not only did we get an in-depth look at what greases their wheels, we got to learn more about wiring expert, Bill Hillock, and why he’s a customer favorite.

Located in Columbia, Kentucky, BP Automotive is owned by former Marine, Bill Hillock, a true wiring guru and the guy who decodes the wiring confusion for the rest of us. Bill Hillock brings nearly two decades of experience to each product line, and is the man who most customers will instantly praise at the mention of the company, he makes every customer’s project priority one by providing them with complete and accurate technical information for their builds.

BP Automotive’s slogan is “EFI Simplified”, and they mean it! With a newly redesigned website and commitment to offering leading products and customer service, they’re a name you’re going to learn to rely on for your LS swap harness needs, if you haven’t already discovered their product lines.

Why the need for such a high level of simplicity with wiring? Well, to put it bluntly, wiring sucks (if you’re not a whiz at it). It can be the most time consuming and difficult part of a swap if you’re not working with a purpose made harness. It’s not even just a matter of working with the correct wiring and sensors, if you’re not working with the correct quality, you’re entire build will suffer.

This is a company that truly goes above and beyond for their customers, and the GM performance industry in general. The common narrative you’ll hear from their customers is that BP Automotive harnesses are high quality, easy to work with, and look great — this is especially prevalent with people who have tried competing products before on other projects.

And by the way, this feedback about the company and Bill’s support isn’t coming from BP Automotive, it’s straight from their customer’s feedback, feel free to check for yourself on their Facebook page here!

BP Automotive doesn’t offer one-size-fits-all harnesses and products, because swaps and custom builds are not all the same. They take proven components, assembly processes, and techniques in their products — while innovation continues to be the staple of their company.

It doesn’t stop with complete harnesses, BP Automotive offers engine controllers, internal components, and tons more to complete your swaps and builds. What’s also refreshing about working with BP to complete your projects is they make an extreme effort to keep their product lines in stock, so you won’t have to wait weeks and even months for your harness to be made. Check out their product lines:

Stand Alone Wiring Harnesses

The selection of standalone harnesses are made for installing a new GM EFI engine into your vehicle, whatever that may be. These harnesses are made with GM color coded TXL wiring to meet or exceed all OEM standards.

The circuits that run by heat (like O2 sensors) are covered with 1200Âş fiberglass braid. Only OEM Delphi, Kostal, Bosch, Molex, and Yazaki connectors, terminals, and seals are used on the standalone harnesses, and all connectors have connector position assurance locks like the factory harnesses. All harnesses are made long enough to mount the PCM and fuse blocks in the passenger compartment.

You can even get them to add emissions provisions for additional cost and a little more wait time.

Engine Controller Kits

The BP Automotive engine controller kits make installing a GM EFI engine into your vehicle a breeze, regardless of what that vehicle may be. Each kit is specific to the engine, throttle control type, and transmission. This includes every feature and component as the stand alone wiring harnesses, with the inclusion of a brand new ECM, brand new TCM, new O2 sensors, MAF, and more depending on your kit/application.

Plug and Play Harnesses

Available for F-Bodies of many years, LT1 equipped B-Bodies, and S10 trucks, the plug and play harnesses are made for the quickest and most painless wiring jobs. They cater to those doing an engine swap, PCM swap, or just a slimmed factory harness in their vehicle. They even include a new grommet installed in the factory location on each of the plug and play harnesses — a detail most wiring companies like to leave out. These harnesses are as straightforward as they come!

Engine Components

Working with high end brands, BP Automotive is able to offer more than just wiring and electrical components right on their site, a concept that certainly makes parts shopping easier. They carry camshafts, cam kits, valvespring kits, pushrods, VVT/DOD delete kits, intakes, throttle bodies, and fuel injectors.

Extras and LS Swap Hard Parts

Need more? They carry it. BP Automotive has professional DIY wiring kits, PCMs, accessory harnesses, wiring accessories, and air conditioning parts.

So, the options are there, the quality is excellent, and you’re going to shopping with an authority in the field of wiring and engine swaps (especially when those two worlds are combined).

With the level of articulation found in the design, quality of the finished product, and tech expertise on hand, BP Automotive certainly has our recommendation for your swap.

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