Revealed: New Corvette DOHC Twin-Turbo LT7

Earlier in the month, CAD images were leaked of the most talked about car in decades, the new mid-engine Corvette. To peel back the mystery behind the mid-engine Corvette just a little further is a new leak of what is likely the next-generation Corvette engine. Many expected it to be an overhead cam design, and this CAD image would certainly support that as it is a DOHC twin-turbo V8.

The detailed images started circulating online this week as if they were a Christmas present to the world. This new DOHC structure will likely be the new face of the GM V8 engine. There’s no indication in the images about the displacement, and speculation is all over the place. It could be anything from a 4.0L or something similar to the 5.5L V8 from Corvette Racing, or it could be something totally different.

GM would be smart to make it a big displacement engine as to not shock their loyal fans with smaller cubes and an overhead cam design. This DOHC concept seems to have already left fans pretty conflicted after years of making the argument for the pushrod engine.

So what do we learn from these images? That the engine carries twin-turbos which hang low on the block, and are piped around from the back to the front of the engine into a centrally mounted airbox. They aren’t in the very rear, as originally thought, but more towards the cabin. This is a similar design to the Cadillac CT6 3.0L twin-turbo V6 engine, with the closely coupled turbos and water-to-air intercoolers.

We did trace the origins of the leak to the Corvette Forum, where the images have quickly been taken down, once again. As you’ll recall, the CAD images from earlier this month disappeared from the Corvette Forum post before most media outlets could cover the story. In addition to a full shot of the engine, there were also images that showed that images labeled as “Gen6 LT7”. This will likely be the last of the leaks until the speculated unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show that begins on January 13th, so we’re not far from finding out the full details now (hopefully)!

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