A Closer Look at Tuner Options from Chevrolet Performance

2015-chevrolet-performance-2015catalog-cover-273x346Let’s just get this out of the way, now. The sport compact market is a niche that many publications like ours (that focus heavily on V8-power) tend to ignore. Of course we’re not like any other publication, and we feel that a DOHC 4-banger tuner with boost can be as equally mouth-watering as an LS-powered Camaro or Firebird – with the right parts, of course.

Whether you’re looking to simply build a quick daily-driver or you want to get serious about small-displacment performance, there are plenty of outlets for you to choose from in finding speed parts for your GM pocket rocket. One place that is often overlooked is General Motors themselves. GM’s in-house speed shop, Chevrolet Performance, offers an excellent selection of performance and cosmetic items for you General Motors vehicle.

From crate engines and camshafts, to simple bolt-on performance and appearance packages, you can find just about all of it from Chevrolet Performance. You can score Chevrolet Performance hardware from licensed retailers, like Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center or Pace Performance, too.

Having making a name for themselves as the go-to for LSX engine blocks, crate engines, and other hardware for our favorite V8 engine – and even complete race cars, like the COPO Camaro – Chevrolet Performance’s line of sport compact performance is sometimes forgotten by even the biggest fan of the Bow-Tie. To rectify that, we hope to shed some light on these parts.  So follow along as we dive headfirst into the Chevrolet Performance catalog to get a closer look of what’s available!

Crate Engines

2.2L L61

The 2.2L L61 Ecotec was the first in a long line of the series. Initially launched in the MY 2002 J-body and Saturn VUE, it ranged from 138hp-145hp throughout its lifespan. It was also the base engine in the Cobalt, ION, HHR, and briefly, the Grand Am. Offering a solid bottom end, it was boost-friendly from the factory. If you’re looking for a brand new replacement from GM or you just want a fresh start in terms of a N/A Ecotec platform, this is perfect.

  • Part Number: 19177026
  • Street Price: $3109.98


2.4L LE5

The LE5 was the mid-level engine to the Cobalt, found in the Sport and naturally-aspirated version of the SS, along with the midrange HHR and used as the base engine in the Solstice/Sky, along with other vehicles. With 173hp on tap in naturally-aspirated form, there’s plenty of potential being left on the table.

  • Part Number: 19177028
  • Street Price: $4063.63

2.0L LTG

Chevrolet Performance just announced this brand new crate engine at the 2014 SEMA Show. With 270 hp on top from a direct-injected, DOHC, turbocharged 2.0L engine. Currently the optional powerplant in the Cadillac ATS, it’s now available for your unique project vehicle.

Part Number: 19328837

Street Price: $9,000


Ecotec Performance Camshaft Set:

Increase the power in naturally-aspirated and turbocharged engines with this cam set. Spec’ing in at 247-intake and 249-exhaust duration @ 0.050″ lift, a maximum lift of 0.499-intake and a 0.499 on the exhaust, with a lobe centerline of 116-degrees.

  • Part Number: 88958648
  • Street Price: $629.95

Ecotec Intake Camshaft (blank):

A heat-treated blank intake cam ready for a custom grind – perfect for that unique combination!

  • Part Number: 88958611
  • Street Price: $89.01

ECOTEC CAMEcotec Exhaust Camshaft (blank):

A heat-treated blank exhaust cam ready for a custom grind – perfect for that unique combination!

  • Part Number: 88958612
  • Street Price: $89.01

Ecotec Adjustable Cam Gear Set:

This adjustable cam gear set allows valve-timing to be advanced or retarded up to 16-degrees of crankshaft rotation – perfect for the engine builder in you.

  • Part Number 88958613
  • Street Price: $445.05

Ecotec Neutral Balance Shaft Set:

These high-performance balance shaft help eliminate vibration and engine shake in higher-horsepower applications.

  • Part Number: 99858615
  • Street Price: N/A

Ecotec Crankshaft Pulley:

This billet pulley has a reduced diameter to minimize horsepower-robbing drag of the alternator and air conditioning crankshaft ecotec pulleycompressor.

  • Part Number: 88958631
  • Street Price: $681.47


Ecotec Intake Manifold Flange:

This 0.555″ -thick aluminum flange can be used to fabricate your own custom intake manifold.

  • Part Number: 88958633
  • Street Price: $118.24

23169952 SonicSonic Cold-Air Induction Kit:

Designed specifically for the 1.4L Turbo Sonic, the Chevrolet Performance Induction Kit brings cool, unrestricted fresh air into the intake of your boosted 4-popper for a small bump of horsepower. Includes all of the hardware needed, a dealer-provided calibration, and an improved look that’ll bring your engine bay’s cosmetic to a higher level.

  • Part Number: 23169952  2012-2015  Air Cleaner Kit
  • Street Price: TBA

2.4L Twin Cam Supercharger:LD9 Blower

Talk about a blast from the past! Chevrolet Performance still offers this bolt-on supercharger kit for the 2000-2002 Cavalier, Sunfire, Alero, and Grand Am models equipped the the DOHC 2.4L Twin Cam LD9.

The supercharger kit includes the hardware, mounting brackets, Gen-II MAP sensor, air ducts, adapters, serpentine belts and spark plugs. GM claims an additional 50 hp and 40 lb-ft of torque to the flywheel can be realized with this supercharger kit that bolts on with simple hand tools!

  • Part Number: 12498660 2000-2002 LD9 Supercharger Kit
  • Note: Recalibration of Vehicle Control Module is included, but must be performed by an authorized GM dealership
  • Street Price: $2891.39


Picking up where the LD9 blower kit leaves off, is a trio of Stage kits from Chevrolet Performance for your 2004-2007 Saturn ION Red Line and 2005-2007 Cobalt SS Supercharged. Taking your stock (underrated) 205 bhp LSJ all the way up to 260 hp, with the capability to run an additional 50 hp shot of nitrous, the Chevrolet Performance LSJ Stage Kits turn your Delta car into one little screamer! Chevrolet Performance also offers a Performance Turbocharger Upgrade Kit for turbocharged LNF-powered vehicles. Learn more below!2005_chevrolet_cobalt_coupe_ss-supercharged_fq_oem_1_500

Stage 1 Performance Upgrade Kit:

This entry-level Stage Kit includes a quadrant of fuel injectors and a PCM tune that compliments the demand of a high-revving, high-horsepower Ecotec – bumping the rated 205 hp up to a healthy 230 hp.

  • Part Number Stage 1: 17801947
  • Note: 93-octane required
  • Street Price: $509.60

Stage 2 Performance Upgrade Kit:

Picking up where Stage 1 left off, Stage 2 includes everything from Stage 1, and adds a smaller supercharger pulley that allows more boost, and a new serpentine belt to compliment the pulley swap. If you already have Stage 1, you’ll pick up an 11 hp increase. If not, your power rating will go from 205 hp to 241 hp. Dealer tuning is also part of the package.

  • Part Number Stage 2: 17803229
  • Note: 93-octane required
  • Street Price: $769.30

Stage 3 Performance Upgrade Kit:

So you want really want to get serious about your RL or your ‘Balt? You won’t miss your A/C? Well then, Stage 3 is for you, my friend. Taking Stage 2, and turning it up to 11, you get an even smaller supercharger pulley (76mm), a 2-pass intercooler end plate, and a unique PCM that includes a calibration for the smaller puller, an adjustable rev-limiter, a 100-octane mode, and a nitrous control algorithm.GMPPECOTECKIT

The rev-limiter is adjustable from 6750-8000 rpm, and is adjusted by pressing on the throttle pedal with the ignition on and the engine off. At about 50% throttle, the tachometer will show the current rev limit. If you press the throttle further, the limiter will adjust the limit in 250 rpm increments.

GM claims a full 248 hp on the 93-octane tune, and when running on 100-octane, you’ll be pushing 260 hp with no other mods than the Stage 1-3 kits. Once you get to this point, however, they (and we) recommend an aftermarket low-restriction exhaust system. With a calibration and rev-limiter adjusted for a 50hp shot of the go-go juice, we would take advantage of it.

  • Part Number Stage 3: 88958718 (2005 Cobalt SS Supercharged), 88958719 (2006-2007 Cobalt SS Supercharged), 88958715 (2004 ION Red Line), 88958716 (2005 ION Red Line), 88958717 (2006-2007 ION Red Line)
  • Note: 93-octane required
  • Off-Road use only; not certified to be emissions legal
  • This is an upgrade to Stage 2; all Stage 1 and 2 components must be installed
  • Street price: $629.95 (88958718), $732.84 (88958719), $699.02 (88958716), $717.13 (88958717), $699.02 (88958715)

2006_saturn_ion_red_line-pic-31378LNF Performance Turbocharger Upgrade Kit:

Designed for the 2008-2010 Cobalt SS Turbocharged, HHR SS and 2007-2009 Solstice GXP and Sky Red Line, this simple calibration pumps up the power of your turbocharged 2.0L LNF from 260 hp and 260 lb-ft, to 290 hp and 290 lb-ft, respectively.

The kit includes a recalibration by your local GM dealership and a [pair of new MAP sensors.

  • Part Number: 19212670 (for all LNF vehicles)
  • Note: 93-octane required
  • Street Price: $519.95


Exhaust Header Flange:

Perfect for use with aftermarket/custom headers, these 0.375″ thick steel flanges are the perfect foundation for your custom Ecotec exhaust system.

  • Part Number: 88958632
  • Street Price: $86.03

Cruze Performance Exhaust:

A low-restriction catback exhaust that includes dealer-installed calibration that provides an additional 10 hp and 15 lb-ft+ at the crankshaft. Included in the system is the complete catback kit, calibration, premium fuel label and a 50-state legal emission sticker for you folks in California.

  • Part Number: 23494247  2012-2015 1.4L Turbo (base)
  • Part Number: 23233811  2012-2015 1.4L Turbo (RS)
  • Street Price: TBA

Cruze Dusk Suggests Sophisticated Approach to Personalization

Sonic High Flow Exhaust and 1.4L Turbo Stage Kit:

Chevrolet Performance’s low-restriction exhaust and included dealer calibration will bump up the standard 138 hp to 148 and will earn you another 15 lb-ft of torque to the crank, like the above kit for the Cruze. Along with the exhaust and the tune, you’ll also receive a premium fuel label and a 50-state legal emission sticker.

  • Part Number: 23444736 2012-2015 Exhaust Kit (1.4L Turbo – Base hatchback)
  • Part Number: 23444737 2012-2015 Exhaust Kit (1.4L Turbo – RS hatchback)
  • Part Number: 23451716 2012-2015 Exhaust Kit (1.4L Turbo – Sedan)
  • Note: 2012-2013 vehicles require a new high-capacity 2014 manual clutch.
  • Street Price: TBA


Cobalt Clutch Upgrade Kit:

With your LSJ Cobalt or ION now pushing close to 300 horsepower, you’ll want to upgrade the clutch. This kit utilizes much stranger components than a stock clutch, as is worlds ahead of old and tired original unit still in your car from when it left the factory years ago. As a result of increased surface area, this clutch is guaranteed to improve the load capacity of your stock clutch as well, thanks to its extra clamping force.19212712-1

  • Part Number: 19212712
  • Street Price: $290.65

Cruze Performance Clutch Kit:

The Cruze performance aftermarket is still pretty small at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that these cars can’t benefit from a more performance-oriented clutch kit. The Cruze Performance Clutch Kit includes a larger-than-stock flywheel, clutch disk and pressure plate, along with new attaching bolts.

  • Part Number: 19303797
  • NOTE: Must be used on 2012-2014 MY (Production for 2015 MY), that have Cruze Performance Exhaust installed
  • Street Price: TBA

Sonic Performance Clutch Kit:

Utilizing the very same technology found in the Performance Clutch Kit intended for the larger and heavier Cruze, the Sonic Performance Clutch Kit will withstand much more power and abuse than the one from the factory. See above for more details.

  • Part Number: 19303797
  • Note: Must be used on 2012-2014 Sonics with Stake Turbo Kit and Performance Exhaust installed (PN-23444736, -23444737, -23451716)
  • Street Price: TBA


Heavy-Duty Front SteeringKnuckle for Cobalt SS and ION Redline:

These are designed to provide enhanced load capacity for “off-road” use, and uses the existing interfaces to the bearing, brake caliper, strut and control arm. In order for this kit to bolt up to your Delta, you’ll need to modify the bearing spacer plate and you’ll also need to utilize the specific mounting bolts (PN 11570091), lower ball joint bolts (PN 11589341) and nut (PN 11517996).

  • Part Numbers: 889958710 (left side), 88958711 (right side)
  • Street Price: $342.85

Cobalt Wheel-Hop Kit:

With hard acceleration, comes wheel hop in a front wheel drive vehicle. With wheel hop, comes the potential to break axles and even transmissions. The LSJ-powered Cobalt SS and ION Red Line are no exception, and that’s why Chevrolet Performance offers this wheel hop kit. This kit is designed to eliminate wheel hop so you can use all of that extra bolt-on power in winning, not spinning.

  • Part Number: 19212712
  • Street Price: $290.65

Sonic Performance Suspension Kits:

The Chevrolet Performance engineers have developed two separate suspension kit sets for the Base Sonic and the Sonic RS. Designed to optimize vehicle handling and improve the stance, these will turn your grocery getter into a well-handling cup car that will be fun to driver wherever you go. These kits use the RS-style fast-reacting shock valving, but lowers the the RS by 10mm. If you have a Base Sonic, you will see a total of a 20mm drop in ride height.

These kits also utilize the RS-spec front struts that are assembled with a different spring and jounce bumper. The rear shocks and springs are completely redesigned to accommodate the new suspension travel. Improved handling and a lower stance are the name of the game.


Base Sonic Suspension Kit (PN 23158161, 2012-2015) Includes:

  • Front Suspension Joust Bumper (PN 96859128)
  • Front Strut (PN 95481254)
  • Front Strut (PN 95483008)
  • Rear Shock Absorber (PN 23158165)
  • Rear Springs (PN 23158164)
  • Front Springs (PN 23158163)
  • Chevrolet Performance Badge  (PN 22942442)
  • Instructions (PN 23158167)
  • Street Price: TBD

Sonic RS Suspension Kit (PN 23158162, 2012-2015) Includes:

  • Rear Shock Absorber (PN 23158165)
  • Rear Springs (PN 23158164)
  • Front Springs (PN 23158163)
  • Chevrolet Performance Badge  (PN 22942442)
  • Instructions (PN 23158167)
  • Street Price: $343.00

Cosmetic Accessories

While Chevrolet Performance is cooking up styling accessories for the Cruze and Sonic as we type this, they already carry an array of styling accessories for their other models, including Camaro, SS, Corvette, and their truck models. However, we did stumble upon a trio of items that remain in the catalog for the old Cobalt.

The first of which is a Performance Exhaust Tip available in either a straight or angle cut edge, featuring the Chevy bow-tie. You an also grab a set of chrome 16-inch wheels that would benefit the look of your 2005-2010 Cobalt Base, LS or LT, or if you have a Cobalt SS or Sport, you can upgrade to a set of forged polished wheels as seen on the 2005 Cobalt SS Supercharged concept car.

  • Part Number: 1782112/1782113  2005-2008 Cobalt Performance Exhaust Tip Bow-Tie Angle/Straight
  • Part Number: 17800578  2005-2008 Cobalt 16-inch Cast Chrome Wheel ($290.40)
  • Part Number: 17800195 2005-2008 18-inch Forged Polished Wheel ($326.70)

Let Chevrolet Performance Be Your Guide

The Chevrolet Performance catalog also offers Ecotec builders a selection of shop manuals and reference guides to help turn their quick pocket rocket into one serious qualifier.

Sport Compact Build Book:

Looking to get serious about your Ecotec? Do you have your sights set on 1/4-mile domination or becoming your local drift king? Then you need this book. It shows you the ins and outs of building an Ecotec engine for serious competition. It also shows you how to build a 4T65E HD from a blown W-body to work in your Ecotec-powered front-driver.

  • Part Number: 88958728
  • Street Price: $16.53

Ecotec 2.0L LSJ Power Book:

So you picked up a LSJ-powered Delta on the cheap and you want to throw the Chevrolet Performance catalog at it? This guide will teach you everything you need to know, including how to pull the engine and how to put it back in, as well as how to extract a solid 300 ponies from it!

  • Part Number: 88958686
  • Street Price: $21.61

Solstice Performance:

This book is awesome. It’s 132 pages of Kappa goodness that shows you how to turn your Solstice into an SCCA road racer, drift car, or sheer, brute-force performer. Stuffed with almost 900 images and detailed technical info, there’s something for everyone from the beginner to the seasoned veteran.

  • Part Number: 88958697
  • Street Price: $20.34

With an expansive selection of performance parts for your late-model GM sport compact, there’s no reason not to entertain the notion of turning your Ecotec-powered daily into a moonlighting weekend warrior. Besides, what’s wrong with having fuel economy and high performance all in one package?

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