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We’re going to come right out and say that the third-generation F-bodies never got their due respect, at least not since the ’80s. Initially hindered by underperforming engines, weak transmissions, and even weaker rearends, they left a lot to be desired in terms of as-delivered performance.

However, as the years went by, they continued to improved from both a quality and performance standpoint. So much that by the end of the ’80s, they were bonafide performers not only for their era, but in terms of being competitive with many of the so-called legendary musclecars of the ’60s and ’70s. Plus, they handled incredibly well and looked great!

Many enthusiasts, including your author, have a soft spot for the 3rd-Gen F-car.  Whenever I see a clean third-gen done right, especially a GTA, TTA, Firehawk, ’91-92 Z28, and oddly enough, the black and gold ’82-84 Trans Am, I can’t help but stop and admire it.

Thankfully, there are a few companies out there that cater to the needs of these cars, including CTW Motorsports.  Offering a selection of wheels and performance parts, CTW Motorsports is a great place to look into if you want wheels with 3rd-Generation F-body specific bolt-patterns and offsets.

CTW Wheels on a customer's '84 Trans Am.

CTW Wheels on a customer’s ’84 Trans Am.

In fact, they offer a direct fit 17×9.5″ inch wheel that will bolt right up to your factory lugs without the use of spacers. You would only need to pick up smaller lugnuts, which they carry – and valves and tires, too, obviously.

The most interesting thing about the CTW wheels is that even with a 17-inch diameter, they’ll clear brake kits as large as 14-inches; including those such as the C6 Z06 6-piston caliper. Typically, you would have to source a set of 18- or 19-inch wheels to fit such large brakes, but thanks to CTW’s unique design, you no longer have to!

Check out the benefits and features below:

  • 17′ x 9.5″ size, 5.25″ backspacing to fit 1982-1992 F-Bodies (Chevrolet Camaro & Pontiac Firebird) without spacers.
  • Weight of each wheel with center cap: 20-lbs. 4.4-oz.; center cap is 1.6-oz.
  • Suitable tire fitment: 245, 255, 265, 275, and 285mm section widths. 40, 45, and 50 series sidewall profiles.
  •  Will clear almost all big brake kits with 13″ and 13.5″ rotors; will clear the monstrous Baer 14″ 6-piston Extreme Plus system – this has been verified in their shop, (other kits may not fit due to bridge bolts on the calipers hitting the wheel barrel).
  • Moves the rear wheel track 1.75″ (further out than stock wheels with 245-50-16 tires), front track remains the same. Wider track in the rear corrects the factory use of different offset wheels that actually make the rear track smaller than the front. Handling and power application with the rear wheels will improve.


CTW’s owner and founder, Paul Huryk, prides himself as being a long-time F-body enthusiast. Having developed a wheel that only weighs 20-lbs while offering the unique features and benefits that these do, along with carrying an array of parts and services for these cars, he’s in it for the long-haul. You can see the full gallery of how the CTW wheels clear various large brakes (both OEM and aftermarket) here.

In the meantime, Paul and the CTW Motorsports crew are currently working on dimensions that will fit ’93-02 F-body, ’78-88 G-body, ’88-96 Corvette (except ZR-1), and even going more old school, the ’70-81 F-bodies, too! We’ll be keeping our eye on these guys as things progress!

Silver GTA

This super clean white GTA is Paul’s personal car, and the silver CTW wheels look right at home on the car!

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