Charlie Sheen’s GNX Up for Grabs in Bowling Green


Super clean and entirely stock, the ASC-modified-for-GNX-use LC2 appears to be as-delivered in its factory condition. All photos by Art’s Corvettes.

When most people think of Charlie Sheen, they tend to think of the drug-addicted, outspokenĀ maniacĀ who was fired off the set of Two and a Half Men.Ā  While we don’t condone or encourageĀ Mr. Sheen’s lifestyle choices, we do enjoy the professional workings of his career and respect him as an actor.

Sheen has also been known to own some interesting cars throughout his life, not least of which is this 1987 Buick GNX (No. 151). Built the same year his filmĀ Wall Street was released, this car has managed to rack up only 16k miles in its 27-year lifespan.

No longer owned by Sheen, the GNX is currently for sale at a small, indoor, classic car dealership in Bowling Green, Kentucky known asĀ Art’s Corvettes.

It appears to have all of its documentation in order; including its early/mid-90s era California plates and a copy of the title and registration card – all documented and signed by Sheen.

There are also GNX-specific collectibles, such as the “Fortunate 500” GNX ad poster and the hard-to-find GNX book, written by Martyn Schorr, that every GNX owner received upon purchasing it new – which adds to the car’s collectibility and value.


The only fault that we can spot throughout the whole car is the miss-matching parking lamp. The driver’s side is how it’s supposed to appear. When these lenses get cracked (usually from a stone chip), they have a tendency to turn much darker as the result of condensation getting inside the lens.

While we don’t know for sure if Charlie actually purchased it new, and for how long he actually owned it, we do know that it was in his possession during the Fall of 1999, when he apparently signed the title over to the succeeding owner.

Ironically, the last Buick Grand National was built the very same day that Wall Street hit theaters (December, 11th 1987), and this was around the time when young Charlie was quickly building his fame and fortune.

He was more than likely the car’s original owner, as other celebrities were buying up the GNX at the time, due to the car’s massive popularity, perceived collectibilty, and sheer performance. We have one report that actor Burt Reynolds had owned one, and Sylvester Stallone at least tried to purchase two copies.

We think Charlie should by his Buick back, as they both represent an era in which launched their famous careers – not to mention – they both represent “the bad boy” in their respective field. But for $95k, you can beat him to it!C8323

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