Charging Forward: Fake News

Fake News is Popular Now More Than Ever, and We Cut Through the Bull

Over the course of the last year, the term “fake news” has been heard now more than ever. Whether you want to blame the media or the current administration for this new phrase, it’s certainly an issue, even in the automotive publishing business. Fake news from other outlets is something I’ve noticed as a growing epidemic years ago.

Obviously with being a newer publication, it’s easy to confuse content from us and our sister site, Timeless Muscle Magazine, from the various other online sources out there — if you don’t know what to look for. Typically, the domain names are usually odd and obscure, like “” or relatively generic, like

They also don’t generate anything of value like exclusive car features or technical content, only hodgepodge “Top 5” articles stuffed with incorrect info, and horribly Photoshopped images of Camaros claiming to be the “official upcoming” 2016 GTO or 2017 Grand National.

It’s great for traffic generation, but it’s absolute crap content. A good way to spot fake news websites is if there’s “related” or “suggested” content at the end of the article, discussing toenail fungus or the top five fastest ways to lose weight.

Another difference between us and some of the others, is that we don’t report “late-breaking news” until it can be confirmed. You’ll never see us post articles on “this week’s wrecked Corvette” or fake concept renderings.

We compile content that’s complete, factual, relevant, passionate and more often than not, immutable. In fact, most of our older content that we’ve published is still being shared and generating huge traffic numbers to this day, as it tends to be as relevant now as it was when it was published up to three years ago.

No, no it isn’t…

Since Day One, both my team and myself have strived to bring our readers high-quality content. Just about everyone on our staff can trace their roots to other notable magazines out there, like Hot Rod, Popular Hot-Rodding, Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords, High Performance Pontiac and at least in my case, GM High-Tech Performance, with most of our staff having worked in various roles for these highly respectable titles.

In fact, our new Editor-in-Chief of Timeless Muscle is a former Editor of Popular Hot-Rodding. The other guys? Well, their credentials can only be described as questionable, at best. That’s not to say that we’re not open to discovering and bringing in new talent at any given time, but we feel you actually have to have what it takes to do this job in the first place.

We believe in quality, not quantity. We compile content that we would want to view ourselves as enthusiasts, not what we just think will get 1-million views.

Our staff is working around the clock, seven days a week shooting car features and event coverage, performing product installs and compiling valuable edit that hobbyists and industry leaders alike enjoy. We’re covering SEMA and PRI  — bringing you updates on the latest products and the hottest builds — and we cover most, if not all pertinent race events.

We wouldn’t and couldn’t, do it with out you, our valuable readers and our amazing sponsors. So keep reading GM EFI Magazine (and Timeless Muscle), and always feel free to drop us a line directly. We’re always looking for feedback!

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