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Dakota Digital, Inc. announces today that it has agreed to purchase the W.I.D.E Contact brand of products. Developed in 1995 by Dave Kopser, the W.I.D.E Contact brand of door contacts has become a staple in the custom vehicle market.

Dakota Digital has been a distributor of these great products since the inception, using the trade name of Magnum Shooters, but has since purchased the product line completely. The acronym of W.I.D.E. Contact summarizes the idea of Wires in Doors Eliminated, allowing the user to showcase a tidy door jamb location, while maintaining electronic connections for up to 5 conductors with the door closed.

The W.I.D.E. Contact models are offered in a range of number of contacts, both with and without pin switches for dome light activation.

According to Founder and CEO, Ross Ortman, “The W.I.D.E. Contact brand is one that goes back to the early days of Dakota Digital and the formative years of street rodding. Dakota Digital was built around the idea of adding modern and convenient features to a custom vehicle. This product line has been a great fit for us, offering the highest quality standards, a great value and another unique feature to be implemented into a custom vehicle. We are pleased to be making this product our own, after decades of proven use.”

Dakota Digital designs and manufactures instrumentation and electronic accessories for custom vehicles of all varieties at their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

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