Camaro Sales Are In The Gutter, Again

If you were someone who bought a Camaro in January 2018, you were one of only 2,867 people in the United States to do so. Sales saw a staggering 20% decrease compared to January 2017 sales, which moved 3,588 Chevy Camaros. This startling dip is the lowest its gone since this time in 2010, signaling back to the first year of recession recovery.

In contrast, December 2018 was a terrible month for the 2018 Camaro. Sales ended with a 46% decrease over 2017, with only 3,802 sold, which is still more than this month.

Meanwhile in Canada, 99 Chevy Camaros were delivered, which sounds low, but that was a 13% jump from the measly 88 units moved in January 2017. Obviously, the Chevy Camaro is not the boss in our neighboring country, so those stats mean very little in the big picture. What’s going on in the USA though, were we love the Camaro?

Despite what’s going on with the stock markets this week, we’re not going to jump on the nervous bandwagon of recession hysteria. The fact is, this happens, a lot. Sales dip for no reason at all, and Chevy has done a pretty amazing job putting out new Camaro models, and Corvettes, to keep the brand image strong. So, the first line of thought is that it could just be a fluke, and that’s what we hope.

The second factor, again, not recession related, would be the price point Chevy set the Camaro at. Many think the Camaro is set at a price to fail, hovering at about 5k or more over what it should be. Chevy hasn’t expressed any concern about the price point, which means they likely have no plans on changing it for the 2018 models.

Interestingly enough, there’s a model planned for the 2019 year run that is going to be more of a budget Camaro than offered in the past. We hope it’s just a little blip, because the Camaro keeps getting badder and more powerful, we’d hate to see a loss of public interest in the machine.

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