C7.R Takes the Checkered Flag in 24 Hours of Le Mans!


The 24 Hours of Le Mans is the most highly-revered endurance race in the world, where some of the most sharpened, skilled and overall talented race drivers are placed behind the wheel of manufacturer-sponsored race cars to compete against one another. Two-thousand fifteen marks the 83rd Annual event, and some say it was one of the most suspenseful races in recent memory.

After a brutal crash earlier this week with Corvette Racing’s No. 63, the No. 64 C7.R pulled a first-place victory in the LM GTE Pro Class in the 24 Hours of Le Mans! This is the first time Corvette Racing has managed a first-place victory in the coveted Le Mans race since 2011.

The C7.R was driven by three different drivers over the course of the race, including, Tommy Milner, Jordan Taylor, and Oliver Gavin, after the No. 63 car crashed during qualifying on Thursday, leaving it out of the running. Smashed team cars notwithstanding, Corvette Racing pulled all of their resources and focus on making their one remaining entrant car rock solid.

For those who watched the race, noticed that it was some of the closest racing one could possibly imagine, when the Corvette pulled ahead of Toni Vilander’s No. 51 Ferrari while Vilander had to make a pit stop. The Ferrari wouldn’t get a chance to reclaim its pole position, as the C7.R, at the time driven by Oliver Gavin, would go on to win the race.11537939_1642685232620368_982018833662120590_n



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