2014 COPO Camaro Up for Grabs from Gas Monkey Garage!

GMGCOPO-5Back in 2013, Gas Monkey Garage owner, Richard Rawlings and friend, Dennis Collins, visited the Wixiom, Michigan [COPO] Build Center to assemble their very own COPO Camaro for an episode of Fast N’ Loud. Having acquired the Certificate of Authorization from a Southern Californian drag racer by the name of Gordon Engeberg for $10,000, Richard headed to COPO Headquarters to build his own with Dennis.

Packing a 427 ci. LSX powerplant, the 8-second capable silver bullet was shipped back to Dallas, Texas, stamped with Gas Monkey’s seal of approval and put up for sale. After all, Richard and his crew build cars for a living and not just as a hobby. Shortly after the episode aired, Richard and Dennis picked up twenty more 2013 COPO CRC cars (basically, a build-your-own, rolling chassis Camaro COPO), and have sold most of those as well.

They now have a select few 2014 versions on hand that you can pick up for a price, including this awesome example. Stamped as CRC car Number 2, it backs a monster Chevrolet Performance 454 ci. LSX, a TH400 gearbox, a Strange Engineering diff out back and a sinister all-black paint job with killer stripes and “454” callouts.  For more information regarding purchase or other insight on these cars, you can contact Dennis Collins directly at, Dennis@2013COPOCamaro.com or by phone at (800) 699-5337 ext. 226. You can also view their remaining inventory by heading over to 2013COPOCamaro.com to “get you some of that!”


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