Car Feature: Purevil Camaro

photos by: Scott Schwartz

Craig Shockey’s Drag-Focused Camaro Proves that 5th-Gens Can Hold Their Own

It seems like only yesterday that the 2010 Camaro first hit the streets. After seven model years of going without our favorite pony car, we were rewarded with an IRS-equipped, fully-modern Camaro that featured styling from its 1969 forebear.

It packed an available 426 hp, automatic and manual six-speed transmissions and new technology that was completely unavailable in 2002. The downsides? Its weight, for starters, and the IRS made it quite difficult for hard-launching on the drag strip, often resulting in slower track times than many had expected.

Naturally, the aftermarket has a way of working around this, and the owner of this particular example, Craig Shockey, has done just that. The end result is quite impressive, but more on that in a minute.

Looking to raise power levels to counter the weight, Craig had immediately swapped the stock exhaust for a set of Stainless Works long-tube headers, X-pipe and mufflers, with 3-inch diameter tubing expelling the spent fumes out the rear.

Craving more power, Craig ordered up a set of Mast Motorsports Black Label CNC-ported LS3 heads to maximize the efforts of the stock LS3 bottom-end. A COMP Cams camshaft with a 235/244 duration, .647/.612 lift and a 111 LSA provides additional power, lope and works in unison with the provided boost.

Oh yeah, we forgot to mention; it’s boosted with the help of a¬†ProCharger F1-A, featuring a 12-rib¬†pulley system, custom intercooler and 12-psi. of boost. An upgraded fuel system, consisting of a¬†1000cc Injector Dynamics injectors, an Aeromotive A1000 regulator and Squash Performance dual fuel pumps help keep the air/fuel balance in check.

These components can support over 1,000 hp, but with 904 hp and 811 lb-ft on tap to the rear tires, there’s certainly enough cushion there to run this combination safely. But Craig likes to live life on the edge, evidently, as a ¬†Nitrous Outlet single-stage wet kit and¬†52/24 jets add “fuel” to¬†the fire.

On the intake side, a Holley sheet-metal intake manifold, ported stock throttle body, K&N filter and OEM MAF sensor helps breathe the air in in swift fashion. The aforementioned Stainless Works exhaust remain in place, but the ignition system has been stepped up with Taylor plug wires and NGK plugs. The OEM coil packs have been left in place.

The stock ECU is left in its original location as well, but HP Tuners software has been implemented into its programming, courtesy of ¬†Tracey Ray Scott and¬†Weapon-X Motorsports. It’s a tune that allows for impressive drag times, but is 100% completely streetable and Craig is hoping to be competitive in 1/2-mile racing later this year.

One thing we forgot to mention earlier in the article, was the fact that this particular car had started out in life as an automatic/L99 example. It’s since been modified¬†to surpass stock LS3 capabilities, obviously, but an¬†automatic gearbox remains in place.

However, the transmission has been swapped for a Level-7 4L80E that’s been modified by RPM Transmissions. Sandwiched between it and the engine, is a Precision triple-disc 3600-stall converter.

The rest of the drivetrain is equally impressive; with a Driveshaft Shop 4-inch aluminum shaft, and a BMR loop to prevent abasing damage from potential breakage. The IRS has been upgraded, to make way for a Strange S60 unit that will handle just about any amount of abuse that Craig can throw at it.

Quite a bit of aftermarket suspension keeps the Camaro planted to the pavement, is a blend of BMR, Pfadt, Pedders and Lingenfelter. It’s a recipe that may leave some scratching their heads over the “mish-mash” of parts, but it seems to work well with Pedders coil-overs, Lingenfelter springs, BMR subframe connectors, rear sway bar, adjustable toe rods and lower control arms with Pfadt motor mounts keeping the boosted block in place.

Shockey has also updated the rolling stock of his Camaro as well, ditching the factory 5-spokes for something much more sinister. Black-anodized Weld Racing RT-S rollers measuring in at 17√ó5-inch in the front, and 17√ó10-inch in the rear, provide a lightweight option over stock.

They’re wrapped with Mickey Thompson ET Streets (305/40/17) out back¬†and Mickey Thompson Sportsmans (28×5.0/17) in the front.

Bringing this beast to a standstill are the factory set of  Brembo brakes, with cross-drilled and slotted rotors, which still fit perfectly behind the 17-inch Welds with ease. The end result has produced a best quarter-mile time of 8.95 at 151 mp, with a 1.38-second short time.

A high-8 second car with over 900 hp most certainly needs safety equipment; that’s why it’s fortified with an RPM roll bar,¬†5-point harness and a parachute out back. The interior has also been implemented with an assortment of AutoMeter gauges to monitor engine vitals, a Hurst shifter and billet pedals.

It borderlines on the edge of street car and race car, and its execution¬†is flawless. Craig credit Weapon-X Motorsports, Tracey Ray Scott Tuning, and his wife and family for all of their support in building this amazing car. It’s truly one of a kind!


  • CAR: 2010 Camaro SS
  • OWNER:¬†Craig Shockey
  • ENGINE BLOCK:¬†GM, LS3 (376 cubic-inch)
  • PISTONS:¬†GM,¬†LS3
  • CAMSHAFT:¬†COMP Cams; 235/244 duration, .647/.612 lift, 111 LSA
  • CYLINDER HEAD:¬†Mast Motorsports; Black Label LS3
  • INDUCTION: Holley sheet-metal¬†intake manifold, ported stock throttle body, K&N filter, OEM MAF
  • POWER ADDER: ProCharger; F1-A, 12-rib¬†pulley system
  • INTERCOOLER:¬†Custom
  • BOOST: 12-psi.
  • NITROUS:¬†Nitrous Outlet; single-stage wet kit, 52/24hp jets
  • FUEL DELIVERY:¬†1000cc Injector Dynamics injectors, Aeromotive A1000 regulator, Squash dual fuel pumps
  • IGNITION:¬†Stock¬†coils, distributor, Taylor¬†plug wires, NGK plugs
  • EXHAUST: Stainless Works;¬†long-tube headers, X-pipe and mufflers, with 3-inch diameter tubing
  • OILING: Stock
  • TUNING:¬†HP Tuners; tuning by Tracey Ray Scott at Weapon-X Motorsports
  • TRANSMISSION: 4L80E, Level-7 built by RPM Transmissions
  • CONVERTER:¬†Precision; Triple-Disc 3600-stall
  • DRIVESHAFT: Driveshaft Shop; 4-inch aluminum, BMR loop
  • REAREND:¬†Strange S60, S-Trac, G-Force Outlaw axles, 3.55 gears
  • SUSPENSION: Pedders coil-overs (front and rear), Lingenfelter springs (front and rear), sway bar delete (front),¬†BMR subframe connectors, rear sway bar, adjustable toe rods and lower control arms, Pfadt motor mounts
  • BRAKES:¬†Brembo
  • WHEELS:¬†Weld Racing; RT-S (17√ó5, front), (17√ó10, rear)
  • TIRES: Mickey Thompson ET (305/40/17, rear), Mickey Thompson Sportsman (28×5.0/17, front)
  • HP/TQ.:¬†904/811
  • 1/4-Mile E.T.: 8.95 at 151 mph

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