ZZPerformance Offers New Turbo System for Cadillac and Camaro

ZZPerformance is a brand that engineers products you won’t find on the shelf anywhere else. They offer top-of-the-line aftermarket performance parts from late model GM vehicles to seriously elevate performance. Their newest addition to the lineup is their innovative LTG ZFR Turbo kit for 2.0L Cadillac ATS, CTS, and the Chevy Camaro.

This kit was made with the user in mind, from installation to the tuning, it makes turbocharging your vehicle as painless as possible. Based on the BorgWarner 6758 EFR turbo, this water-cooled system uses the factory oil lines, water lines, exhaust manifold, and downpipe. This system can support up to 500 WHP, and is now available for purchase. Learn more about it from the official ZZPerformance release below.

Official Release:

ZZPerformance Introduces the LTG ZFR Turbo

ZZPerformance released their ZFR bolt on turbo for your LTG motor. The LTG ZFR Turbo is setup to fit the 2.0L Cadillac ATS, CTS and Chevy Camaro. It was designed for performance and ease of installation as all factory oil and water lines, intake tubes, charge tubes, and downpipe do not need to be replaced.

Based on the BorgWarner 6758 EFR turbocharger, the ZFR turbo retains the factory exhaust manifold and downpipe. It is a water cooled, dual ceramic ball bearing, extended tip turbo with a built in wastegate and bypass valve, and uses a custom stainless-steel exhaust housing exclusive to ZZPerformance. It also features a unique exhaust wheel made from an aluminum titanium alloy which is significantly lighter than your typical wheel. This turbo can support more than 500 WHP, however typical setups will make between 300 and 400 WHP, depending on fuel and other modifications.

This turbo is now available online for purchase.

Kit Features:

• BorgWarner EFR turbo w/bypass & wastegate
• Water and oil feed fittings
• Outlet tube to connect to factory or ZZP charge tubing
• Downpipe bolts and nuts
• Vacuum connectors and lines

BorgWarner 6758 Specifications
• 67mm OD compressor wheel
• 58mm OD exhaust wheel
• 54mm inlet turbo
• 160,000 rpm max
• Titanium/Aluminum alloy wheel weighs 1/2 of a typical wheel

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