VIDEO: Lsxperts’ World Record 1/2-Mile Corvette

In a world of Corvettes leaving the factory with gobs of horsepower, and already equipped with superchargers, it might be easy to overlook the now “humble” C5 Corvette when it comes to setting records. However, it’s the C5 platform that seems to be sweeping away 1/2-mile track records these days, time and time again!  Lsxperts has thrown down the gauntlet at the recent SlipStream Racing Events 1/2 Mile Shootout, setting a new record for Corvettes around the world.

This recent 1/2-mile event, hosted by SlipStream, took place on July 15, 2017 at the Midstate-Airport in Philipsburg, PA. Shop owner Charlie Hill manned the wheel of the C5 as the team set out after the record top speed in a Corvette. As the video from Lethal Shutter Productions shows, the Corvette blasted into 229 mph with ease, and the team was in a state of disbelief and celebration.

The previous world record was held by a Dubai raced Corvette that was running 222 mph in the half mile. An Lsxperts built car owned by Chris Abeln did, however, already hold the U.S. Corvette record with a twin-turbo C6 Z06 that runs 210 mph in the 1/2-mile, the previous record was 205 mph.

This newly built record holder is a Lsxperts shop car, and this is its first accomplishment in what promises to be many more to come. The 1999 C5 coupe is equipped with a Brian Tooley Racing 388 LSX engine, Twin Precision 76mm turbos, FuelTech engine management, Fuel Injector Connection’s fuel injectors, FTI converter and a Lsxperts tune. All the work was done in-house at Lsxperts in Ball Ground, GA.

Like we said, this C5 Corvette is only getting started. The team at Lsxperts intended to keep dialing it in and chasing new top speeds. The next event you will see the car at will be the WannaGOFAST 1/2-Mile Shootout in Ocala, FL at the end of October.

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