Car Feature: LSXPerts’ Widebody C6 Powerhouses

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Charlie Hill & Co. Work Their Magic on a Pair of C6 Corvettes

Over the last fifteen years, the car hobby has changed. No longer relegated to circle track or quarter-mile drag racing we’ve been seeing new trends emerging in recent years. A case in point is what we’re seeing with half-mile and standing-mile competition. Taking a page from traditional drag racing, standing-mile racing is more focused on eventual trap speed rather¬†than time, and in order to do that you’ll need power. Lots, and lots of power.

Throughout parts of the South, Southwest and in a few spots on either coast, you’ll find quite a few shops who are pumping out these standing-mile terrors like they’ve been at it for decades. One shop in particular is LSXPerts, a small homegrown powerhouse stemming out of Ball Ground, Georgia. It’s essentially all things LS and GEN-V LT, with a blend of late-model C6 Corvettes and LS-swapped muscle thrown into the mix.

During our last visit, we spotted these two monsters getting prepped for customer delivery, and we just had to take a closer look. Built and tuned by LSXPerts’ Charlie Hill, and his crack team of builders, we have to say that the execution of both cars is pretty spot on!

They’re both boosted, and they are both geared towards straight-line racing — namely, half-mile and standing-mile. You can usually catch the two attending events all over the Southeast, laying down the law on unsuspecting competitors.

Chris Abelin’s 2007 Z06

The silver car is owned by Chris Abelin, who’s 2007 Z06 is packing a billet Callies¬†rotating assembly and Diamond pistons. Sitting on top of the LSX block is a pair of Trick Flow 255 cylinder heads, with a BTR custom-grind bumpstick developed exclusively for boost — but more on that in a minute.

Sitting between the two TFS heads is a Holley Hi-Ram intake manifold and a GM 90mm throttle body, that helps flow as much air as the big-cube LS needs. Holley fuel rails, twin Dominator pumps, adjustable pressure regulator (43.5-psi.) and Fuel Injector Connection 2000cc injectors all contribute to fueling this thirsty beast and keeping the air/fuel ratio in check.

Lubricating the engine is simply dependent upon a Melling pump and a Moroso pan, and the stock coil packs still live in the engine bay¬†— surprisingly enough. The spent gases are¬†expelled by a pair of OEM C6 exhaust manifolds and an open 3-inch fender exit exhaust. The reason? It’s turbocharged, of course!

Attached to the exhaust manifolds, is a pair of PTE 76mm turbochargers, paired with¬†JGS blowoff valves and wastegates — cranking out a variable 5-30 psi. of boost pressure. With Charlie at the keyboard, the FuelTech FT-500 VCM helps produce over 1500 hp and 1350-lb ft of torque to the rear tires.

With that much power on tap, there’s no way a typical TR-6060 or a 4L80E would be up to the task. Instead, Chris’ Corvette is shifted with a PowerGlide gearbox and a B&M shifter, built by RPM Transmissions¬†who has also implemented one of their own flex plates into the process. A high-stall FTI converter helps the twin-boosted Vette get into its half-mile trap speed of 198 mph.

Sitting squarely behind the modified throwback gearbox, is a modified Ford 9-inch rear end that was also built by RPM Transmissions. Sitting inside the Brand-X rear is a set of Driveshaft Shop axles and a spool. The gear set line on the GM EFI tech sheet has been left blank, which is presumably, meant to be kept a secret.

The suspension has been left largely stock, according to Chris, you only mentions that LG Motorsports coil-overs are the sole suspension modifications on the Corvette. Stock brakes sit up front, with the Carlyle Racing rear brake upgrade on the back.

The exterior modifications are limited, with the aforementioned side exit exhaust, rear spoiler, Stroud parachute, blacked-out taillights and the rolling stock, which have been upgraded with RC Components skinnies up front and Bogarts on the back give the car an aggressive look and stance.

Wrapping those race rollers are Phoenix front runners and Mickey Thompson Radial Pros in the rear. Oh, and that hole in the hood for the Holley intake just makes this thing look mean! Chris credits Driven Collision in Smyrna, Georgia for the body work that has taken shape on this car.

John Lamont’s 2006 C6

Much like Chris, John Lamont’s C6 is also set up for half-mile and standing-mile competiton. The only difference, is the details. For instance, unlike Chris’ car, John’s boost is dependent on a supercharger rather than a set of turbos. The blower in question is none other than a YSi centrifugal blower from Vortech.

Dialed in at an impressive 19-psi of boost, the stock-cube LS3 comes to the party also equipped with a set of CNC-ported Trick Flow 255 casting heads, a LSXPerts custom-grind, hydraulic camshaft and 1300cc Fuel Injector Connection squirters over each of the eight cylinders.

The rotating assembly as been fortified with a stock¬†crank, connecting rods and Diamond pistons — which is all the LS3 needs to old together with the boosted Vortech strapped to it.

Of course a special boost-friendly camshaft will need to be in place, and a custom-grind bumpstick from LSXPerts themselves answered the call.

To get specific, it’s a¬†hydraulic piece, with 230/244 duration, a .615/.695 lift and a 115¬†lobe-separation angle. It’s a perfect balance of aggression and performance, that works perfectly in-sync with the blower, and helps get the blue C6 down the half-mile with a speed of 176mph. As does that Holley Hi-Ram intake manifold and 90mm throttle body.

Some of the details in the engine include a Melling oil pump and a stock pan, with OEM coil packs sitting above all eight cylinders. Speaking of the cylinders, exhaust comes out of each one and into a set of Kooks long-tube headers and a custom axle-back exhaust. The exhaust was part of the Supervette body kit, which widens the body a bit; both for form and for function.

We’re sure you’re interested in the horsepower numbers, and the final numbers equate to 955 hp and 876 lb-ft of torque to the tires. Charlie Hill tuned the car himself, on his in-house Dynojet with the help of HP Tuners software.

Backing the the blown LS3 is a Tremec TR-6060 manually-shifted 6-speed, that sends the power to a RPM Transmissions IRS rear end, paired with a 3.15 gear set. Sitting snugly between the engine and the transmission is a Monster LT1-style triple-disc clutch.

While the suspension is left alarmingly stock, perhaps a testament to the General’s engineering know-how, the brakes have been upgraded with¬†Wilwood¬†binders in the front and Carlysle Racing stoppers¬†out back. Not only does this help bring the car to a halt in a hurry, but helps keep John safe — both on the street, and on the high-speed straightaway.

Gone, are the OEM wheel and tire combo, and in its place is a set Forgestar wheels in the front, and Weld Racing RT-S 15-inchers help keep the rear planted to the pavement. Aero has been implented into the Vette as well, including the front splitter and rear spoiler.

Another keynote feature of the body work is the Supervette wide body kit, including the hood. Like Chris’ car, John also had Driven Collision handle all of the prep, paint and installation.

All of this aero, mechanical attributes equate to a C6 Corvette that can hustle down the 1/2-mile straight at a speed of 176 mph, from a standing stop — or a “dig” to you street racers who are reading this.

If there’s anything to take away from these two cars is this; racing is a highly-competitive sport — but it’s not just solely how much horsepower a car has, it’s how well it’s built and how well it’s balanced. Judging by what we’ve seen here, the crew at LSXPerts have pulled off not one, but two amazing examples of how it’s done!


  • CAR: 2007 Corvette Z06
  • OWNER: Chris Abelin
  • CRANKSHAFT:¬†Callies; billet (4.125/4.00, bore/stroke)
  • PISTONS:¬†Diamond
  • CONNECTING RODS:¬†Callies; billet
  • CAMSHAFT:¬†BTR; hydraulic, custom-grind boost grind
  • CYLINDER HEADS:¬†Trick Flow; 255 castings (assembled by LSXPerts)
  • ROCKER ARMS: LS3; 1.7
  • INDUCTION:¬†Holley Hi-Ram intake manifold and GM 90mm throttle body
  • IGNITION:¬†Stock coil packs
  • EXHAUST: C6 manifolds, open 3-inch¬†fender-exit¬†
  • FUEL DELIVERY: Twin Holley¬†Dominator pumps, Holley regulator, 43.5-psi. of pressure, Fuel Injector Connection 2000cc injectors
  • OILING:¬†Moroso pan, Melling pump
  • POWER ADDER:¬†Twin 76mm Precision 76/75 turbos, JGS blow-off valve and waste gate, air-to-air intercooler, 2.5-inch hot/cold piping
  • BOOST:¬† 5-30 psi.
  • TUNING: Fueltech; FT500, tuned by Charlie Hill at LSXPerts
  • TRANSMISSION: Powerglide; built by RPM Transmissions, RPM flexplate, B&M shifter
  • REAREND: Ford 9-inch; built by RPM Transmissions,¬†DSS axles, spool,
  • SUSPENSION: LG coil-overs
  • BRAKES:¬†Stock¬†(front), Carlyle (rear)
  • WHEELS:¬†RC Components 17×4.5 (front), Bogart DIO (bead-locked, rear)
  • TIRES: Phoenix skinnies (front), Mickey Thompson Radial Pros (315/60/15)
  • HP/TQ.: 1502/1350
  • BEST 1/2-MILE¬†ET:¬†198 mph


  • CAR: 2006 Corvette
  • OWNER: John Lamont
  • PISTONS:¬†Diamond¬†
  • CAMSHAFT: LSXPerts; hydraulic, 230/244 duration, .615/.695 lift, 115 LSA
  • CYLINDER HEADS: Trick Flow; CNC-ported 255 castings
  • ROCKER ARMS: Stock
  • INDUCTION: Holley Hi-Ram, stock throttle body, filterless
  • IGNITION: Stock coil packs
  • EXHAUST: Kooks long-tube headers, custom axle-back exhaust for the Supervette body kit
  • FUEL DELIVERY: 1300cc FIC injectors, stock pump
  • OILING: Melling pump, stock pan
  • POWER ADDER: Vortech; YSi supercharger
  • BOOST: 19-psi.
  • TUNING: Stock ECU; HP Tuners software, tuned By Charlie Hill at LSXPerts
  • TRANSMISSION: Tremec TR-6060
  • CLUTCH: Monster; LT1-S triple disc
  • REAREND: RPM Transmissions-built IRS; 3.15 gears
  • SUSPENSION:¬†Stock (!)
  • BRAKES: Wilwood (front), Carlyle (rear)
  • WHEELS:¬†Forgestar (front) Weld Racing RT-S (rear)
  • HP/TQ.: 955/876
  • BEST 1/2-MILE¬†Trap Speed: 176mph

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