SVE Drops a 800HP Bombshell with the 2021 Yenko/SC Silverado

Specialty Vehicle Engineering, located in Tom’s River New Jersey, has long been the home of third-party factory fresh performance vehicles, and performance upgrades. Working closely with General Motors for nearly thirty years, they’re no stranger turning something that’s adequate, into something extraordinary.

We couldn’t help but take notice of the 1000hp Yenko/SC Camaro, the 750hp Syclone, and now, the 800hp Yenko/SC Silverado. With only fifty examples planned for the 2021 model year, the time is now to place your order. For a publication that’s been trying to get its hands on an SVE vehicles for years, believe us when we tell you that they’re hard to come by!

Official Release:

2021 800HP Supercharged Yenko/SC Silverado

2021 800HP Supercharged Yenko/SC Silverado

Now, In The Spirit Of The Legendary Yenko Camaros, Specialty Vehicle Engineering Introduces The 2021 800HPLimited Edition Yenko/SC Silverado In 2WD And 4WD, Available In Crew Cab And Double Cab, And Only Available From Your GM Dealer. With An 800HP Supercharged 378 C.I.D. Powerplant, They’ll Go Fast… Literally!

This Powerhouse Engine And Supercharger Assembly Delivers 800HP And 720 Lb. Ft. Of Torque From Its 378 C.I.D. Engine, And Represents The Latest In State-Of-The-Art Performance Engine Technology. It Features A Blueprinted Lt-1 Aluminum Block, Race-Quality Computer-Balanced Rotating Assembly, Including Forged 1538mv Twisted Steel Crankshaft And Forged Aluminum Pistons, CNC-Ported Lt-1 Cylinder Heads, And Our Own High-Output OEM-Style Centrifugal Supercharger Assembly.

Custom Stainless Steel Headers With High-Flow Cats Are Included. Neck-Snapping Performance Not For The Faint-At-Heart. Our 3 Year/36,000 Mile (60,000 Kilometer) Engine And Supercharger Assembly Limited Warranty Is Included. A Heavy-Duty Automatic Transmission With Performance Upgrade Is Also Included Along With It’s Own 3 Year/36,000 Mile (60,000 Kilometers) Warranty.

Need To Haul With A Sense Of Urgency?

This Pickup Truck On Steroids Is More Than Up To The Task. The Sport Truck Is Not A New Concept, However This Yenko® Version Could Easily Qualify As The Quickest 2021 Limited* Production Pickup Truck In The World.

*Note: Only 50 2021 Yenko® Silverado Pickup Trucks Will Be Built.

For More Than 25 Years, Specialty Vehicle Engineering (Formerly SLP) Has Been A Second Stage Vehicle Manufacturer And Tier One Supplier To GM And Its Dealers, Having Built Over 65,000 Cars, Trucks And SUV Specialty Vehicles; Making Us The #1 GM Specialty Vehicle Manufacturer In The Usa!

The 2021 Yenko/Sc® Silverado’s Unique Appearance Will Get Everyone’s Attention Instantly. The Striking Side Stripes And Unique Wheels Make A Dramatic Statement, Along With The Custom 800HP Badges On The Hood Insert And Tailgate Will Make Your Competitors Think Twice.

For More Information contact Specialty Vehicle Engineering at (732) 240-3696 ext. 173

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