SEMA 2016: Mahle Offers LT COPO and 5.3L Gen V Pistons


MAHLE Motorsports is no new comer to the the automotive industry; they have been in business for over 95 years, and produce an array of engine hardware for various vehicles.  So much so, that half of all automobiles currently produced worldwide contain MAHLE components.  It should come as no surprise then, that when General Motors wanted a top quality piston to power their COPO Camaro, MAHLE was the choice to provide it.

It should be said that MAHLE designs components with innovative features that combine to make a top quality product to fit a range of needs.  So good is their quality that GM, Ford, and Chrysler use Mahle’s pistons in their factory race cars.  As you can see, whether you are freshening up a fire breathing COPO Camaro, or just wanting to run a little more boost on a Gen V 5.3L equipped GM truck, Mahle has you covered.

Official Release:

NHRA Legal PowerPak Plus Pistons

Designed and machined to exacting tolerances, our NHRA legal piston assembly kits will bring you out on top in NHRA Stock class racing. As the OE piston manufacturer for the Chevrolet COPO Camaro, Ford Super Cobra Jet, and Chrysler Drag Pack Challengers, it only made sense for MAHLE to take advantage of all their R&D knowledge to offer the perfect Stock Class pistons. Using proven application specific designs with all the features and coatings of the OE pistons, these pistons are NHRA approved and ready to get you down the line first.

Offering a kit such as this allows the consumer to buy the factory OE pistons through MAHLE Motorsports distributers.  This will help keep costs down when freshening up the engine, and the pistons used will be made to the same standards as the ones that come in the cars from the factory.  These pistons feature a hard coated anodized top ring groove, and all steel constructed rings measuring 1.5mm, 1.5mm, and 3mm for the first, second, and oil rings.  They are offered in an assortment of sizes, all within the NHRA legal limit of .080″ oversize.

All MAHLE Motorsports pistons feature their ultra flat ring grooves, CNC machined pin bores, slipper skirt forging, and Grafal skirt coating.

Also coming soon is a drop in piston for the 5.3L Generation V8.  This piston came about by owners of 5.3L powered trucks adding  power adders, such as a Procharger, in search of more power.  The Gen V 5.3L can handle low boost well, but if any extra is added, the factory pistons fail.  MAHLE will soon offer a drop in replacement that will allow owners to add a little more boost if wanted.

These pistons will come with the new Mahle HV385 Performance Rings.


  • All steel 1.0mm, 1.0mm, 2.0mm, construction first, second, and oil rings.
    • Greatly increased conformability
    • Superior ring seal that results in reduction of blow-by
    • Unmatched oil control that reduces oil consumption
    • Increased durability and consistency
    • Reduction in drag and weight
  • Patented HV385 supersonic thermal spray process applied to the top ring.
    • Superior bonding
    • Consistent Application
    • Increased durability and scuff resistance
  • Napier grooved second rings
  • Industry leading CP-20 oil ring design

The Mahle PowerPaks will transition to the new HV385 1.0mm, 1.0mm, 2.0mm Performance Rings as well.

This will open up options for the PowerPaks such as the following:

  • Increased flexibility and freedom of piston design
  • Increase in the number of applications with uninterrupted oil ring grooves
  • Opportunities to increase cross sectional thickness in key high stress areas such as the valve pocket to top ring groove or ring land
  • Ease of ring installation



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