Mr. Gasket Release’s HeadLock Header Bolts

Installing a set of headers can sometimes be quite the challenge. But nothing is worse than having those headers bolted up only to have an annoying exhaust leak come from inferior bolts that have vibrated themselves loose. Mr. Gasket,Ā  part of the ACCEL Performance Group has come up with an innovative solution to this problem with its patent-pending HeadLock header bolts. They have eliminated the need for lock washers by re-designing the header bolt. By placing 24 equally serrated teeth into the bolt flange surface, they allow the bolt to have both a griping and locking action.

Official Release:

MR. GASKET Headlock Header Bolts Help EliminateĀ HeaderĀ Flange Exhaust Leaks

CLEVELAND, OHIO ā€“ ACCEL Performance Group, a performance auto parts manufacturer of brands including Mr. Gasket, ACCEL, ACCEL Motorcycle, Hays, Lakewood, QuickTime and Prestolite ProConnect, today introduced its latest innovation for automotive enthusiasts and racers, Mr. Gasket HeadLock Header Bolts.

Mr. Gasket HeadLock Header Bolts feature 24 sharp teeth in the head of the bolt that grip and lock onto the header flange surface and a Thread-Lock Patch that provides positive thread seal. Eliminates the need for lock-washers.

Mr. Gasketā€™s HeadLock header bolts eliminate the need for lock washers when installing header exhaust. Instead, the innovative patent pending design incorporates 24 serrated teeth into the flanged hex/socket head, each equally spaced, designed to grip and lock onto the header flange, maintaining consistent fastener clamp-load.

In addition, the new header bolts also incorporate a unique Thread-Lock Patch that provides positive thread engagement. It is a pre-applied, high-temperature thread lock coating fused to the bolt threads, making it self-locking and self-sealing. The Thread-Lock Patch is also chemical resistant, reusable and provides positive thread seal, resists engine heat cycling and vibration that often loosens conventional header bolts.Mr. Gasket HeadLock Header Bolts (High Res)

Mr. Gasket HeadLock header bolts also feature a combination hex and socket head design for ease of installation in tight spaces. Also, includes a hex key socket tool to start installation of header bolts into cylinder head mounting bolts.

Available for a variety of domestic applications, including AMC, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford, Oldsmobile and Pontiac, each HeadLock header bolt is made from high-quality 300 Grade 8 Stainless Steel to resist rust/corrosion and crafted with a bright polished finish to maintain a clean professional engine compartment.

Mr. Gasket HeadLock Header Bolts are available for purchase from a variety of online retailers and high quality auto parts stores nationwide. For more information or to order online, please visit Additional fitment information and part numbers can be found using the chart below.


  • 24 serrated teeth built into bolt flange, giving them a locking action
  • Premium Grade 8 stainless steel
  • Reusable Thread-Lock patch keeps bolts from backing out
  • Eliminates the need for lock washers
  • Has a combination hex & socket head design for installing in those tight spaces
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