Holley’s Robin Lawrence Advances to Semi Finals at NHRA Event


The modern COPO Camaros are taking the drag racing world by storm, and have even created something of a cult following in recent years. There are even entire classes dedicated to the track-dedicated missiles at all of the LS-series drag racing events allover the country. One racer in particular, is kicking butt and taking names in the NHRA.

Our friends at Holley Performance Products tell us more…

Official Release:

Although he did not campaign Daren Poole-Adams’ 2014 COPO Camaro full-time in 2015, “Uncle” Robin Lawrence is no stranger to the drag strip. When he isn’t staying busy as Holley’s EFI Technical Sales and Motorsports Manager, he can usually be found on drag strips across the country. Robin is credited with the first 9-second pass in NMRA Real Street and he held the title of driving the fastest nitrous-fed LSx powered car until March 2013 by making a blazing 7.77 second pass at 179 miles per hour in his ’69 Nova.

This experience was key to his success at the NHRA Midwest Nationals recently. Robin qualified 59th in a field of 61 cars, but that had little effect on how the rest of the race played out. After defeating Tyler Wudarczyk, Lawrence ran into Greg Stanfield in the third round. Despite Stanfield’s small advantage at the light, Robin was able to drive around him to advance to the fourth round. In the fourth round, a .001 light and a run .008 seconds off of his index made for a nearly unbeatable package, allowing Robin to move onto the semi-finals. It is there that his run is finally ended as he was off of his index by .003 seconds more than Britt Cummings. Make no mistake, for someone that is not a full-time driver, going from 61 racers to the round of four is an incredibly impressive feat.

Robin was essential to Holley’s involvement in the COPO program from its early stages to today. Robin stated, “Since 2012, we have had a close relationship with the COPO program. This relationship has allowed us to use Daren’s Camaro and experience the car, our Hi-Ram intake, and our HP EFI system as any other customer would. We share this feedback with our engineers to ensure that Holley is staying ahead of the competition and that racers are satisfied with our products.”

b1ccc60a-9f95-4e50-997c-ed4c23b68b72-1The 2014 COPO Camaro being piloted by Robin is powered by a 350 cubic-inch LSX-based powerplant. Controlling everything under the hood of every 2013 and newer COPO Camaro is Holley’s HP EFI ECU. This ECU has all the features that have come to be expected of an aftermarket standalone engine controller without the hassle of learning the intricacies of programming and using other systems. The HP ECU features a powerful data logger, integrated boost control, 4 stage progressive nitrous control, water/meth injection control, self-tuning fuel table strategy, a unique lb./hr. based fueling strategy to simplify the tuning process, and dozens of other features. While a plug-and-play solution is offered for LS-based engines, this ECU has the ability to be used with virtually any 4, 6, or 8 cylinder engine.

Every naturally aspirated COPO Camaro powerplant is topped with a Holley Hi-Ram intake. The Hi-Ram intake features a completely modular design. This means that whether your LS is of either the cathedral or square port variety, carbureted or fuel injected, naturally aspirated or utilizing forced induction, Holley has an intake to suit your specific application.

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