Holley Announces LS-Swap Products for ’78-88 A-/G-body


You can argue that we’re currently living in the modern Golden-Age of musclecars; where factory-produced iron can generate as much as 700 hp, superchargers are commonplace and quarter-mile performance has hit a record high (or low)! But for those of us still trolling around in relics of the ’80s can now find solace in the performance aftermarket, specifically, inducing our cherished G-bodies with 21st century LS power!

There are plenty of outlets you can look, but our friends at Holley Performance now carry a full-line of LS-swap hardware kits to make the swap into your classic ’78-88 GM A- or G-body so much easier! Whether you’re looking for engine mounts, headers, exhaust systems, crossmembers, you name it, they have what you need.

Official Release:

Holley Announces LS-Swap Products for ’78-88 A-/G-body

Holley Performance Products and Hooker Headers are proud to announce a complete line of products to swap a GM LS-based engine into your ’78-’88 A/G-Body.

Holley Performance Products and Hooker Headers have partnered together to offer the most versatile and complete swap kits on the market. If you are planning to swap an LS engine into your G-body, it is important to use components that are designed to work together to ensure a trouble-free install that provides optimized drivetrain geometry and component clearances.HOLLEYLSSWAPGBODY-5

Holley and Hooker swap parts include headers, exhaust manifolds, stainless steel exhaust systems, engine mounts, transmission mounts, adapter kits for specific transmissions, and complete plug & play EFI systems. Using these parts together ensures a trouble-free installation to give you the cleanest, best-performing swap possible. The individual product text and high-resolution images can be found on our A-/G-Body LS-swap components page.


  • High-quality componentry
  • Comes with everything you need to make your LS swap easier
  • Each component is available separately, as time and budgets allow


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