GBodyParts Announces a Reproduction Driver’s Seatbelt Release

There’s no denying the fact that GM G-body cars are some of the most popular cars out there to buy, modify, restore and race. They’re still affordable, rear-wheel drive, and the aftermarket continues to grow for them to no end.

Although there’s a lot of mouth-watering components out there for these vehicles, there’s still the much-needed odds and ends that need to be fulfilled, too. That includes trim pieces — everything from wheel well trim to seat belt components.

Now for a while, the obvious solution has bee to source replacement parts from the local wrecking yard, or swap meet. But with the wrecking yards no longer stocking too many ’80s cars these days, and with many of the good swap meet stuff drying up, our friends at GBodyParts have risen to the occasion.

Official Release:

GBodyParts 1978-88 GM G-body Driver’s Side Seatbelt Release — $39.95

This is the Left Hand Driver’s Side Seatbelt Retractor Release Switch, and is a new reproduction unit. They are always broken. This makes it difficult for the seat belt to go back to its original position and not stretched out across the seat.

This is located at the base of your B-pillar with two Phillips head screws. With the door closed, you pull your seatbelt out and across your chest and lap. When you unhook the seat belt, it stays in that position.

When you open the door to exit the vehicle, the spring plastic switch allows the seatbelt to retract into its normal position. We’d say that on 90% of the G-Body’s out there, this is broken or extremely worn out. On every parts vehicle that we have had,  these have been removed and sold.

GM PN#20020379 (driver’s side), GM PN#20020378 (passenger’s side)


  • Easy to installNew Reproduction with OEM quality
  • Improves functionality of Seat Belt Release
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