New Brake Pedal Conversion Kit from GBodyParts

G-Body brake pedals have definitely gone way up in price over the last few years. If you want to go with a hydroboost system from a vacuum system, you have to go out and find a Grand National brake pedal to make it work. The problem that people are running into is that no one wants to part with the original parts from their cars, or they are looking for an outrageous amount for them. GBodyParts has come up with a way to fix this with their new Brake Pedal Conversion Kit.

GBodyParts discovered that the difference in the pedal is the pin location, which is about 1-1/8” of a location difference. By using their kit, you make a one-time adjustment, secure the pedal in the new location, and you’re done. Learn more about these simple kits in the official release from GBodyParts below.

Official Release:

Brake Pedal Conversion Kit Vacuum /Hydroboost /Power Master

Lately, the GBody Brake pedals have gotten pretty pricey. If you have a Vacuum brake GBody and want to go with a hydro boost you have to find a Grand National brake pedal.

They should be plentiful as a lot of Turbo Buick people went with vacuum brakes over the years. The problem is they hang onto them because with the increasing values of stock Turbo Buicks no one wants to give up their original parts.

This is a double-sided coin for most. So you are looking at $45 to $65.00 plus shipping for a brake Pedal. Then you get to add this to your collection of parts.

We had come up with a way a few years ago to cure this. Now we have a manufacturer who has a steady supply of what we need to give the G-Body owner the best of both worlds. The difference in brake Pedals is the location of the clevice pin. They are 1-1/8” differences in locations.

So you have a Turbo Buick and are on a budget and the Power Master goes out. You plan on going back one day but choose to go vacuum. Well this is a simple way for either GBody owner who may want to go back and forth in what they choose without having to get on your back and remove the brake pedal when you change your mind. This is a 1 time deal.

The power master location of the clevice pin is 1-18” higher than a Vacuum set up. You simply take a tape measure and measure center point to center point to find the new location.

You drill a hole the size of the clevice pin. You insert the clevice pin. From the back you simply weld in the back of the hole to securely fasten the new location. To go from a Power master to a vacuum brake you just measure down 1-1/8” and drill your hole.

You drill a hole the size of the clevice pin. You insert the clevice pin. From the back you simply weld in the back of the hole to securely fasten the new location.

*There are many hydroboost systems that can be used on your G-Body. They can use either pin location depending on the choice you make.

If you change your mind on a braking system in the future it is no problem. If you just don’t want to spend the money on another pedal this is a very reasonable alternative.

The clevice Pin is made of quality 304 Stainless steel. It comes with a washer, spring washer, and a stainless cotter pin.


  • For Use When You Switch to Hydroboost
  • Allows You To Move the Location of the Pedal
  • Simple Kit with One Time Adjustment for Fix

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