Announcing P-1X and D-1X Centrifugal Blowers from ProCharger


Our friends at ProCharger are relentless; they work tirelessly bringing us, the racers, the latest and greatest in supercharger technology to keeping their customers competitive in their respective racing classes. Among their latest efforts, are these two pieces of incredibly sophisticated hardware; the P-1X and D1-X head units.

We could get into a great bit of detail about them, but we’ll let ProCharger themselves elaborate further in their official release below!

Official Release:

ProCharger P-1X and D-1X Head Units

ProCharger P-1SC-1 and D-1SC self-contained supercharger head units have been the cornerstone for building an army of high HP cars/trucks for well over a decade! But rest assured just as these modern OEM engines are pushing the levels of what’s possible both in raw horsepower and efficiency, we here at ProCharger are as well.  Which brings us to the launch of the new P-1X and D-1X head units.

These new designs are built on the same proven technology that propels the P-1SC-1 and D-1SC models to 4-digit power numbers and slightly beyond, and feature the same step-up ratio. The compressor side of the supercharger (the volute and impeller) was redesigned with greater efficiency and less parasitic engine load in mind. This means less heat and less power needed to turn spin the impeller–and that adds up to more horsepower.

Both the P-1X and D-1X superchargers fit into the same brackets as P-1SC-1 systems and will be an optional upgrade for those who want increased performance on otherwise stock, modern V8 engines–to the tune of 10-25+ more flywheel horsepower (dependent on boost level and type of engine) with stock motors running the same pulley size, and even larger gains for modified motors!


Just two decades ago it wasn’t uncommon for a modern V-8 engine to only produce 200-300hp, and far less when measured at the wheels on a chassis dyno.  Though, just as these modern engines have evolved, our supercharger head units have as well.  This ensures we can best match the HP levels and flow patterns of these new power plants.  With engines now making base HP in the range of 400-500+ HP in their naturally aspirated form, we wanted to provide customers with new head units sized specifically for these higher flowing motors, and with even greater efficiency than the industry-standard P-1SC-1 and D-1SC models.  While it literally took years of R&D to improve upon those industry leading designs, these new P-1X and D-1X models ensure our customers will have the most power per psi of boost, coolest air charge temps, and largest power gains possible NOW, and into the future.

P-1X = 875 hp rating (Full Specs HERE)
D-1X = 1000 hp rating (Full Specs HERE)


As a general rule the design concepts were for customers to make a 10-25hp gain at the same boost level (compaired to P-1SC-1 at low boost levels), however max effort gains of 50-75+ horsepower depending on head unit.  We can say without a DOUBT the results have been fantastic, however, don’t take our word for it…here are some customers listed below and their results.


  • Designed for today’s efficient, late-model V8 engines
  • Provides greater efficiency than the industry-standard P-1SC-1 and D-1SC
  • Delivers more horsepower for every additional pound of boost, over other blowers
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