VIDEO: World’s Most Powerful Stock Shortblock CTS-V Dynos 1216 hp and 1078 lb-ft!


*Photography by: Vengeance Racing

What do you do if you have the wherewithal and the desire to create the most powerful 6MT CTS-V in the world? Apparently you call Vengeance Racing (VR) and turn them loose on your 2009 CTS-V with one stipulation; that the baby seat in the back has to stay–hey, fathers are still gearheads too!

What started out as some lofty goals ultimately transitioned into a VR Stage V package with a custom grind cam that, as the owner requested, “made the ground shake.” And so the following mods landed on the CTS-V for Round 1:

  • ECS Heat Exchanger
  • KPE Intake
  • ZL1 Lid with AN fittings and nitrous bars installed by Nitrous Outlet
  • Alky Control Single Nossil Mth Kit
  • FIC 850cc Bosch injectors
  • WCCH CNC Stage 2 Heads
  • American Racing 2″ Longtubes with Catless X-Pipe
  • VR Plug Wire Insulators
  • NGK TR6 Plugs
  • Metco 10 Bolt SC Hub
  • Metco 2.55″ Upper Pulley
  • Meziere HX Pump
  • Vengeance Racing Custom Camshaft
  • VR Hardened Pushrods
  • VR Dual Spring Kit with Ti Retainers
  • Comp Trunnion Kit
  • Melling Hi Volume Oil Pump
  • C5R Timing Chain
  • LS7 Timing Gear
  • Ls2 Dogbone Timing Damper
  • ARP Cam Bolts
  • LPE 18% Overdrive Pulley
  • ATI Damper
  • 102mm Nick Williams TB
  • Vengeance Racing Ported Snout
  • Vengeance Racing Ported Blower
  • DMH Electronic Cutouts
  • Misc Supporting Parts
  • ECU Tuning by Vengeance Racing

The result?

750hp and 715wtq at the wheels!


But even 750whp is never enough, so the owner came back for more. This time Round 2 brought with it:

  • Nitrous Outlet ZL1 Lid with 200 shot jets, single stage.
  • Standalone Fuel System
  • Lingenfelter RPM Limiter Timing Retard Launch Controller LSA & LS9 Engines
  • NOS Progressive Controller
  • Nitrous Outlet CTS-V Switch Panel
  • RPS Triple Carbon Street Slayer Clutch
  • Mickey Thomson 305 ET Streets on the stock polished 19″ wheels
  • Added jets used for 200 shot (57/28) as well as NGK 8 Non projected spark plugs

After some N20 those figures jumped to an astounding…wait for it…1216 hp and 1078 lb-ft at the tires, which according to VR, is a new stock shortblock record!

Turn up the volume and enjoy the video!




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