VIDEO: Vengeance Racing Breaks in a C7 Z06 – The RIGHT Way!

Ron Mowen of Vengeance Racing (VR), picked up his brand-spanking-new C7 Z06 just the other day, and already, he’s diving head first into the making the car much faster than it already is. Minutes before we went to press on this, the ‘Vette was already strapped down to his in-house Dynojet for a baseline pull. Without changing a thing, the car put down 585 hp and 612 lb-ft of torque to the rear tires as delivered. Nice!

As we speak, VR is in the process of cracking the Z06’s ECU code, so they can start boosting the power to astronomical levels. Using a hybrid of HP Tuners and EFILive software, they hope to crack the code within 24 hours of this story getting published. So by the time you read this, we just very well may have the new numbers waiting for you!

But before Ron even get the car back to his shop, however, he broke it in the only way he knows how – with a Southern-boy style burnout… in the Rick Hendrick ChevroletĀ (yes, THAT one)Ā car dealership’s parking lot literally minutes after taking delivery!

Not only was this a hysterical display of power, but the entire dealership staff was outside watching the spectacle from the parking lot. As the video states, the entire first mile of ownership was smoking the tires – not a bad way to enjoy new car ownership!

Over the course of the winter, we’ll be keeping tabs on Ron’s car to see how things develop, and just how mod-friendly the LT4 engine really is. With VR’s experience in LS and LT tunng, we expect big things from this car.


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