Schwartz Performance’s In-House R&D Camaro RS


Images: Schwartz Performance

Third-Gen Camaros and Firebirds are some of our favorite rides, it’s no secret and we make no bones about it. They’re cheap, good-looking, handle incredibly-well (even by today’s standards) and can fit anything from a 4-banger to a big-block under the hood. Oh, and unlike their 4th-generation successors, offer loads of room in which to work in the engine compartment.

Yes, they’ve caught a bad rap these last two decades of being the trailer park ride of choice amongst our mullet-wearing peers. And sure, many of them have succumbed to mechanical and cosmetic alterations associated with bad taste and ill-skill. But now that even Cletus and Earl have finally tired of them, the remaining examples that out there are starting to find their way backĀ into the hands of proper tuners and enthusiasts.

Such is the case with Schwartz Performance‘s latest in-house project vehicle. We’ve been seeing this car all over social media, and it was also unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show as part of the display put on by the Illinois Camaro Club. However, it wasn’t until today where we finally got the scoop on this thing. Starting with an ’89 Camaro RS that’s been laying around the shop for over nine years, the third-gen Camaro packs a 355 ci. small-block equipped with a Be Cool radiator module and fans, aĀ rebuilt 700-R4 transmissionĀ and a 9-inch Moser Engineering housing stuffed with 31-spline axles, a TruetracĀ diff and 3.70 gears.

Setting this Camaro apart from the others, include a pair of mini tubs to fitĀ the Weld Racing S77B 18×12 wheels wrapped in 315/30/18 BFG G-Force Rival rubber out back and a more modest 18×9.5 with 275/35/18 in the front. Tucked nicely in the center of those rollers is a set of Baer 6-piston calipers and 14-inch rotors. There’s also a Hawks Third Generation fiberglass hood and raised rear spoiler installed for a more aggressive look, while the whole body was sprayed in Santorini Blue.

On the inside, you’ll find 4th-gen F-body leather seats, racing harness and a full gauge cluster provided by our friends at Dakota Digital. There’s much more to this car, but that’s all the crew at Schwartz Performance are willing to share at the moment. We’ll keep our eyes and ears open as more information presents itself.

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