Hedman Nation’s Holiday Wreath Giveaway!


Just this morning, we’ve received word that Hedman is giving away a 24-inch Christmas wreath to one lucky family this Holiday season, featuring plenty of trimmings and even several Hot Wheels cars. Hedman Nation, for the next 24 hours, is accepting entrants to win this Holiday wreath to hang from their home, office, tow rig, garage or wherever!

Equipped with ornaments, Hedman product stickers, a Christmas tree and as far as we can tell, eleven Hot Wheels cars, it would certainly make a child’s (or gearhead’s, if we’re honest) Holiday season to see this arrive directly from our friends at Hedman Nation.

The cars include a ’69 Charger, ’15 Mustang GT, ’79 Z28, C2 Corvette Grand Sport, ’67 Mustang GT, two 5th-gen Camaros, a first-gen Nova, and a C3 Corvette. It would be an awesome display to hang, but you have to act fast, because there will only be ONE winner, with two runner-ups being selected to each receive a Holiday swag pack!

Be sure to enter the Wreath Giveaway HERE!

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