VIDEO: Installing a ProCharger Into an LT1 F-body

No, this isn’t an article from 1997 and we aren’t stuck in a time warp. We’re legitimately running an article on how to install a ProCharger into an LT1 Firebird, thanks from some help from Andy’s Auto Sport TV. We can already hear the proclamations of the LS1 guys now: “Just LS-swap it!” And to that, we understand.

We get it, it’s easier to make big power from the more modern all-alloy mill than it is from the short-lived GEN-II LT1. Plus, there’s no OptiSpark distributor to deal with. Or a water pump mounted directly above it. However LS-swaps have become so popular, and LS1-era F-bodies are now so affordable, that modifying the LT1 ’93-97 F-body is almost thinking outside the box these days.

So when we stumbled upon this YouTube video of Andy’s Auto Sport TV installing a ProCharger P-1SC into an


LT1 Trans Am, we thought it was a perfect way to give you a combination of “old-school tech” in a more modern format than when you would have read it in a print mag some 15 years ago. As it turn out, many enthusiasts still dig the ’90s-era Gen-II SBC like it’s the old friend of who’s company you never tire.

Using a very clean example of a dying breed, the crew at Andy’s Auto Sport gives us a step-by-step guide on what exactly you would need to do to your LT1 F-car to install a ProCharger P-1SC. In this particular case, the Trans Am picked up 55% more power on 8-psi.; going from an average of 275 hp at the wheels before the install, to an average of 415 rwhp after the surgery.

Andy’s Auto Sport also put together the video below to give you a walkthrough of all of the hardware that went into this car, that comes as a complete kit from ProCharger. Watch it [here]!



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