VooDoo Ride Releases Automotive Detailing Sealant

If you’re anything like our staff, you want the best finish for your car, and you would do anything to protect it. Of course keeping your car always looking its best can sometimes prove challenging, but with the technology that’s available today, it’s becoming a bit easier.

Enter VooDoo Ride, and its recently announced Automotive Detailing Sealant. It’s just what today’s enthusiasts, who are always on the go, are looking for.

Official Release:

VooDoo Ride Releases Automotive Detailing Sealant

The all new Nano-Technology Sealant adds a glossy shine to a vehicle’s paint while adding a clear protective layer for up to 12 months and is fully compatible with ceramic coatings

City of Industry, Calif. (May 2019) –Voodoo Ride, the collective of automotive detailing and car care freaks, has released its newly-developed automotive sealant that provides a hard-coat barrier to a vehicle’s paint, protecting it from light scratches and contaminants for up to 12 months between applications while adding significantly more sheen and clarity to the paint’s finish.

Like conventional detailing wax, the Nano-Technology Sealant adds an additional layer of protection to a vehicle’s exterior while creating noticeably more shine and gloss to a vehicle’s paint. However, unlike wax, Voodoo Ride’s sealant lasts for significantly longer – up to 12 months – and applies as an easy to use, spray-on.

What sets Voodoo Ride’s sealant apart is that its formula does not contain silicone, making it compatible with vehicles that have been treated with a protective ceramic coating. The silicone-free formula will not produce a cloudy or smearing effect when applied to a ceramic coating like the traditional silicone-based sealants currently on the market.

When combined with a properly applied ceramic coating, the Voodoo Ride Nano-Technology Sealant adds another layer of protection from light scratches and other contaminants.

The Nano-Technology Sealant’s hydrophobic, or more simply “water-repelling,” formula contains titanium dioxide nano particles which allows moisture to wipe away instantly. This sealant is safe on all exterior hard surfaces and application is simple and straight-forward–simply spray the sealant onto a painted surface and wipe it off with a microfiber towel.

Voodoo Ride Nano-Technology Sealant is available in 12oz spray bottles with a built-in safety locking mechanism to prevent unwanted spills and leaks. For more information and to purchase Voodoo Ride Nano Technology Sealant or any of the Voodoo Ride car care and automotive detailing products, please visit www.VoodooRide.com.


  • Protects paint from light scratches contaminants for up to 12 months
  • Allows moisture to wipe away instantly
  • Safe on all exterior hard surfaces
  • Will not produce a cloudy or smearing effect when applied to a ceramic coating
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