VIDEO: Vengeance Racing at WannaGOFAST in Virginia 2016 Event

Fresh off of the Clayton, Georgia WannaGOFAST weekend, we’re starting to find out more results at the previous stop of the event’s circuit in Hot Springs, Virginia. It was hosted at the Ingalls Field airport, which is one of the highest public use airports in the region, and has a 5,600-foot (1.06 mile) runway. One of our favorite late-model race shops, Vengeance Racing, was there to dominate, and ended up stealing the show!

If you’re not familiar with the WannaGOFAST events, it’s time to get caught up. They cater to the drag racing crowd that needs a safe and legal way to really open their cars up. These are sponsored 1/2-mile shootouts throughout the year.

While there’s plenty of variety in the race roster, the biggest crowd seems to come with the Vengeance family, made up of employees, customers, and friends of the shop. This combined with the cars they bring with them makes Vengeance a huge focal point of the events. They’re also the official 2016 domestic title sponsors of WannaGOFAST. When they show up to these events, they are met with expectations, which they always surpass — they’re crew makes it a point to please the crowd.

While the weather was fighting the racers, that didn’t stop the VR crew from taking home a few important wins in the categories the domestic categories. Their standing 1/2 naturally aspirated record holder, owned by VR customer Eddie Blackwell and one of our favorite C5Zs, didn’t let anyone show it up. This was a dial-in opportunity for the team as it was the first time they got to take it out with its new sequential transmission. Blackwell and his Vette took the win in the N/A class, running 169mph. Before they took off for Virginia, we got a look at the transmission, you can check it out here. Robb Sutton’s VR built CTS-V ran a 174 mile per hour pass, securing the Fastest Four Door win.

Then there’s this monster of a car.

This twin-turbo C6, owned by Randy Hunter, makes an insane 1,558rwhp boost only 1780rwhp on nitrous, and has been playing in the 200+ mile per hour zone for a while. Back in November, the car soared to 204.54mph in Texas. The goal is to make it the fastest RWD vehicle, and it’s certainly a good candidate for it. Randy and his C6Z pulled a 198.04mph pass OFF the bottle, taking the Fastest Domestic AND Fastest RWD titles.

Stay tuned for more results from the 1/2 mile events and coverage!

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