Video: Texas Speed and Performance Gets Their Hands on a COPO Camaro

The COPO Camaro was originally created to provide Chevy a path to work around limitations put on factory-built performance cars by GM. From the very first one, these Camaro’s offered unparalleled performance and have become highly collectible. However, the program ended for the Camaro with only 69 1969 ZL1 engine powered COPO Camaros being produced. While those original 69 COPOs were high performance and many of them made their way to the track, they were also complete with VINs and were registerable for street use.

In 2012, Chevrolet celebrated the Camaro’s successful 2010 return with a COPO production program like no other. Again, only 69 COPOs are assembled each year but this time the COPOs are complete NHRA rated drag cars with no VINs. Although it is disappointing to say in the least that these incredible Camaros will never be seen on the street, their performance is undeniable on the track.

Texas Speed & Performance recently got their hands on a sixth-generation example and gave YouTube viewers a closer look at the 2017 COPO Camaro. Their initial testing at the track revealed that the car is capable of an 8.81 second ETA in the quarter-mile at speeds of over 150-MPH. The supercharged LSX puts out 580 horsepower and is capable of winding up to 8,000 RPM. While this may not seem like a whole lot of power when compared to the Dodge Demon, the COPO Camaro seems to be out to prove that horsepower is only part of the equation.

As for the Texas Speed and Performance COPO Camaro, the team has installed a two-step brake system that should improve the Camaros launch off the line. It will be interesting to see if they are able to wittle that ETA down with only minor upgrades or if the COPOs come maxed out from the factory.

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