VIDEO: The World’s Tackiest Trans Am is Apparently Worth $3.7 Million

Look at this car, and let that title sink in for a minute. We’re looking for a follow-up to see if this Trans Am is still for sale, but the last we heard, it was for sale for $3.7 million and the owner is not at all flexible on that price. To be honest, it doesn’t even look worth $3,700 to your author, but I’m also the kind of 4th-gen F-Body owner who took the door moldings and badges off, because they were too tacky for me. So let’s look at this…thing, and try to figure out why the owner thinks it’s worth more than a block of houses in the suburbs, combined.

So, it’s gold, but is it ‘worth its weight in gold,’ probably not. While it’s apparently gold-encrusted, there’s probably some gold on it, but to what extent? Who even knows? For someone selling a car for almost $4 million, the details are few and far between. I’m not even sure that he’s really selling it, or just has an ad up so the world is forced to know it exists.

But let’s back it up, All Naeemi bought this 2002 Pontiac Trans Am in 2004, had it painted gold, then placed real gold leafs, crystals, and chrome all over the thing. It doesn’t just stop there, oh no, it also has lambo doors, and the kind of wheels only a Pep Boys wheel shopper can appreciate. The interior looks like a parody of ricer car, circa The Fast and The Furious release date, and the engine bay didn’t even make it out untouched — the LS engine is covered with teal covers, for unknown reasons.

Maybe this is your cup of tea, but I see it as someone who spent a lot of money to make a car look cheap — really cheap.

To make matters worse, the owner seems like he’s kind of delusional. The below quote is lifted straight from the YouTube video description, and not verified because no one here speaks German, but it does kind of seem like something someone who owns this car would say:

“I invented this. That’s a mix of somethings, it’s my own recipe and it works good.”


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